Google launches Android P developer preview with advanced features

Android P

Google has announced the launch of the next-generation Android P with the availability of the first developer preview. You need to flash the image of the Google P manually since the search-engine giant hasn’t yet released an OTA update. You can expect an OTA update only after the beta releases stabilizes. As of this writing, the Android P beta developer preview can be installed only on Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL devices.

With Android P, you can optimize the apps in such a way to enable fullscreen layout or keep the content separate from the status bar. the evolution of display cutout support will set new trends in the rendering of content. Google has integrated multi-camera API using which you can stream content from multiple cameras.

Android P provides support for enhanced messaging notifications. as a developer, you can show images, stickers including full conversation with relevant contact names in the notification section. the system can also suggest smart replies.

The new Android p platform provides support for the IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol (WiFi RTT), which enables apps to measure the distance to an access point or by making effective use of triangulation. Moreover, the apps will be able to access secure elements in addition to smart card payments.

With JobScheduler, it is possible to check whether a pending task of an app is doing and also manage the status of the app by deferring large requests on a crowded network. The ImageDecoder functionality helps you to decode and scaling with support for animated images. Some of the other features are Neural Networks API 1.1 to HDR VP9 support, HEIF image encoding including enhancements to autofill, fingerprint, ART & kotlin optimization.

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