Xiaomi Mi Exchange Program Now Available: Check out the required steps

Mi Exchange Program

Xiaomi has launched exchange facility for old smartphones through its official online store via Mi Exchange program. Normally, when you exchange via Flipkart and Amazon, you will get an instant discount and you will be able to buy a new device. If you exchange via Mi Exchange program, you will get a discount voucher which can be redeemed while purchasing a new smartphone from Mi.com after a specific time.

Step 1

To participate in the Mi Exchange program, you need to undergo the four steps. The first step is to evaluate the value of the old smartphone by selecting “Evaluate My Phone” button by navigating to mi.com/in/miexchange. You will have to select a device which you would like to exchange. the system will display the best exchange value by taking into account all the factors. You will have to provide IMEI number of the old smartphone and also accept the terms and conditions. Your MI account will be immediately credited with the exchange value.

Step 2

If you select Evaluate My Phone button, a new page will be displayed and you will have to select the brand and the relevant model number of the old working smartphone. Once you select the brand and smartphone, you will view a new page with the total exchange value.

Mi Exchange Program

Step 3

You have to provide the IMEI number of the smartphone you are planning to exchange and agree to the terms and conditions. You will receive the exchange coupon immediately after you select the button directly to your account.

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Mi Exchange Program exchange value

Step 4

The courier partner will verify the IMEI number at the time of delivery of your new smartphone. Moreover, there should be no cracks on the screen including body dents and other irregularities. Xiaomi also advises users to erase all content and disable all locks from the handset.

Step 5

The next step is to place a new smartphone order by using the exchange value coupon during the checkout process. If the total value of the new smartphone is INR 12000 and if you got INR 2000 as exchange value for the old smartphone, then you only need to pay INR 10000 using the coupon code. You have to hand over the old smartphone to the courier staff who will verify the IMEI number and the overall condition of the old smartphone.

As of this writing, the Mi Exchange program provides an ability to exchange smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Micromax, Gionee, Oppo, Asus, Lenovo, OnePlus, Huawei, Vivo, LeTV, and Google.

The catch is that you will be able to exchange only those smartphones that are listed on the official page. Moreover, the coupon code will be valid only for the 15 days from the date of exchange. You can redeem only for a smartphone and not for accessories. If the old smartphone is not in proper order, then your order will be canceled and the amount will be refunded.

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