AvatarControls FreeCube 4 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker now available for an unbeatable price

AvatarControls FreeCube

AvatarControls FreeCube 4 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker can now be purchased at an attractive price exclusively via Gearvita. Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers are available in plenty. What about having a speaker that is capable of performing a wide range of tasks and functions? Interesting isn’t it? The AvatarControls FreeCube 4 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker is an answer to your solution since the gadget is capable to work as a power strip, wireless charger, speaker and also for performing light shows.

Touted as an innovative 4-in-1 modular hub, the AvatarControls FreeCube 4 in 1 Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a base charging station, wireless charging pad and a dynamic color changing light. It is possible to take away each module and can be separately used to power just the right features.

The base charging station includes two and three-pronged outlets including multiple USB ports using which you can charge devices easily. The Bluetooth speaker produces excellent sound while you are on the go and is perfect for listening to music, videos, and calls.

The AvatarControls FreeCube can also charge mobile devices without any wires. You just need to place the smartphone on top of the charging station module. The integrated light paired with LED sensor light helps you to read books and also be able to use it at the bedside and for outdoor use.

The cube design helps the speaker a premium look. You can easily customize the four modules as per your requirements. The AvatarControls FreeCube is integrated with Qi wireless charging technology, which is safe and secure. If you have stored songs inside a memory card, you can just insert and play with the help of the speaker.

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On the specifications front, the AvatarControls FreeCube Bluetooth speaker features a dual 5W speaker, 89Db SNR, 2200mAh battery in addition to a gesture induction sensor. The speaker is capable of establishing connectivity within 10m paired with maximum wattage and current of 1875W and 15A respectively.

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