Get Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset for a stunning price [Coupon]

Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset

Do you want to communicate with your friends and colleagues without disturbing others for a budget-friendly price? If your answer is yes, you should consider Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset, which is available at a stunning price on Gearvita.

With Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset, you will be able to charge the earphone with the supplied USB cable at any time. The headset includes advanced dual buttons volume rocker using which you can modify the volume from the earphone. The company added that the headset is guaranteed to provide a true performance for a price you can resist. It is also possible to activate Google Assistant or Siri with the Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset.

The Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset is designed in a lightweight and small design form factor. It perfectly fits in your ear without falling like other competing headsets. The unique dual buttons design helps you to press MFB for two seconds to experience the Google Assistant and Siri functionality. The headset is manufactured to deliver an extended standby time with magnetic design.

The main highlight of the Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset is that it provides support for Bluetooth 4.1, which helps you to pair with devices quickly. It also provides stable and uninterrupted connectivity. Moreover, the integration of CSR8610 processor helps you to experience clear sound output.

You will not believe. The Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset measures only 3.9 grams in weight. Hence, you can use it without adding any extra weight to your ears. From our point of view, even kids can make use of the headset because of the lightweight design.

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According to Wavefun, the headset is capable of delivering 80 hours of standby time and up to four hours of music playback. The headset is also capable of handling multiple calls effectively. You can answer the second call when you are already speaking with someone by pressing MFB button. The first call will be on hold until you finish the second call.

You will be able to charge Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset using a power bank, computer, laptop or inside a car, socket and power strip. the headset won’t occupy huge space because of its tiny design. You can easily plug it into your USB port.

As part of a special offer, Gearvita is offering Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset at a low price of $14.96. However, you can further reduce the price if you apply our exclusive coupon code FAMSE70 during the checkout process. If you use the coupon code FAMSE70 by selecting the below link, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Buy Wavefun Mini Bluetooth Headset – Unbeatable Price


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