Flipkart to launch a new disruptive #BigOnFlipkart smartphone on April 17 – See Hint Inside


Flipkart is gearing up to launch a brand new smartphone on April 17 and rumors are strong on the social media with the trending hashtag #BigOnFlipkart. We don’t have any information about the brand name, features, and specifications.

The home-grown e-commerce retailer has been teasing information related to the new smartphone on Twitter with the hashtag #BigOnFlipkart. We strongly expect that the upcoming smartphone will be Essential Phone.

Mr. Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Flipkart CEO had released a short video revealing some of the basic facts behind the new smartphone alongside #BigOnFlipkart hashtag. He said that meaningful partnerships, successful business, customer centricity have transformed the way customer purchase smartphones in India.

Kalyan confirmed that they have entered into an exclusive partnership with a tech giant (not named) to disrupt the mobile phone landscape in a big way. Towards the end of the teaser video, he asked viewers to stay tuned for two big announcements soon.

The teaser page on Flipkart reveals that a BIG new phone launch is waiting for you. The page also states that an innovative value-added service will also be made available for your smartphone. we can only guess the brand and it could be Essential. The company has been looking to enter Asian markets after the release of its flagship smartphone in the US.

It looks like Essential had established a partnership with Flipkart to make a big push into the smartphone market in India. There is also a possibility of few Chinese companies entering the shores of India.

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The announcement made by Flipkart gives hint about the word BIG and hence we can expect the arrival of the Essential phone in India. That said, you will have to accept the facts only with a pinch of salt since there is no official confirmation. You will have to wait until Flipkart makes #BigAnnouncement on April 17.

It is to be noted that the claims made by Flipkart about the arrival of disruptive smartphones were turned out to be false. Leeco entered the Indian market with huge expectations and also to disrupt the smartphone world. However, the company was shut down and no updates and support were made available to customers. Hence, you should approach carefully.

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