Micromax reportedly testing electric vehicles in India

electric vehicle

Micromax is gearing up to make a big push into the electric vehicle segment. According to sources, the India-based smartphone manufacturer is reportedly testing 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler electric vehicles in India secretly. The main purpose behind this move is to offer diversified products instead of focusing on only the smartphones.

It is to be noted that Micromax is facing tough times since they are unable to increase the market share. The intense competition from Xiaomi and Honor is cited as the primary reason behind the sharp decline in the market share.

Industry analysts are of the opinion that Chinese companies such as Xiaomi have taken over the reins of the smartphone market in India. Hence, companies like Micromax are struggling to establish their identity here. There was a time when Micromax was positioned as number 2 spot but now they can’t claim the ownership.

Even though you can buy Micromax smartphones, companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Lenovo have completely taken over the market. Samsung is also a preferred brand but their products are expensive. Hence, customers purchase products from companies which manufacture products for a budget-friendly price.

If Micromax is able to succeed in electric vehicles and batteries field, then it will set new benchmarks. There are reports that the company is also planning to invest in the design of electric vacuum cleaners. They need not have to depend upon the success of the smartphone business but can think about the future vehicles.

Baed on the reports, Micromax will soon manufacture two-wheeler and three-wheeler electric vehicles. You should note that electric vehicles are not much popular in India. The move by Micromax will a big boon for the automotive industry. There are unconfirmed reports that Micromax got the required approvals for testing the new vehicles. Moreover, the required permissions were also given for testing lithium-ion batteries expected to ship with the vehicles.

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The adoption of electric vehicles will not only enhance the living style but also reduces pollution to a large extent. Moreover, you need not have to worry about the increase in the petroleum products.

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