BSNL revises Broadband plans in Odisha circle

BSNL has announced the revision of Broadband Plans in Odisha telecom circle with immediate effect with a maximum of 50Mbps speed with 600GB data. As per the new plans, you will be able to get more data/bandwidth for the same price from the BSNL.

The BBG Combo ULD 999 provides up to 10Mbps speed till 50GB instead of the 30GB as before. The state-owned telecom provider also provided code name such as CS290. The BBG Combo ULD 1199 delivers up to 10Mbps speed till 60GB data consumption. There is mo change to the ULD 1099 package.

BSNL plans

If you would like to have 80GB and 150GB bandwidth capacity, you should opt for BBG Combo ULD 1275 and BBG Combo ULD 1599 packages respectively. The super speed ULD 1745 package offers 150GB data with up to 16Mbps speed. The ULD 2295 plan provides 200GB data with the same speed as ULD 1745.

The advantage of ULD 2845 package is the availability of 250GB data at up to 24Mbps speed. BSNL is offering up to 50Mbps speed with 600GB data if you opt for the Fibro Combo ULD 9999 package. The Fibro 5999 package provides 400GB with up to 30Mbps speed. You can also purchase Fibro Combo ULD 3999 which offers up to 300GB data at 20Mbps speed.

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