Google User Experience Research Program launched to enhance usability

Google User Experience Research Program

Google has launched Google User Experience Research Program with a bid to enhance user experience. As part of the new Google User Experience Research Program, you will be able to test drive new services, products in addition to several Android features before the public release. The main purpose of the Google User Experience Research Program is to gauge the feedback from real users after testing the product or software in a real-world scenario.

You will be provided access to the required hardware and software, which you should test and provide feedback through the mechanism laid down by Google. The research program spans over one day to several months.

Towards the end of the Google User Experience Research Program, you will be provided with incentives and rewards in the form of gift card and vouchers. If you are provided with a hardware product, then you can keep the item after the completion of the activity.

To begin with, Google will bring in research vans to several destinations for the purpose of the study. The company will showcase unreleased products to a select group of people. Firstly, you need to complete the survey provided by Google and you will receive a questionnaire. The answers provided by you will help the product team to match with a particular study.

If you are selected, you should visit either a Google office, research van or remotely via your computer system. The Sundar Pichai-owned company will also send researchers to your home or office to interview you and to help you in the user studies.

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The incentive will depend upon your preference and the country. Sometimes, Google won’t ask your preference and will provide a voucher suitable for them. The Google User Experience Research Program works more or less similar to that of the Microsoft Usability studies. We had participated in several studies conducted by Microsoft and received prizes nearly 10 years back.

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