Apple iPhone 9 rumored to eliminate 3D Touch to pave way for CGS display


Apple iPhone 9 will not be equipped with a 3D Touch pressure sensitive display. and will be replaced by a CGS display. According to the latest report issued by KGI analysts, the 6.1-inch variant of the iPhone 9 will feature a TFT LCD display without 3D touch pressure touch screen.

The main reason behind the move is because of the cost factors involved with the production fo CGS screen. The Cupertino-based tech giant is planning shelve 3D Touch to pave way for CGS display. Furthermore, users are reporting that the 3D Touch functionality is not working properly with the currently available iPhone 8.

The leaks suggest the fact that the 6.1-inch display variant of the iPhone 9 will be the first smartphone to provide support for a dual-card-dual-standby mechanism. Moreover, the phone will be equipped with Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) technology to enable the touch module to be placed on the surface.

Apple iPhone 9

According to analysts, the adoption of the CGS display panel will cause an increase of 15 percent in the production cost because of the sheer amount of effort required to manufacture a lighter and impact resistant display panel. Hence, the removal of 3D touch in the 6.1-inch display will offset the cost.

Based on the rumor mills, the Apple iPhone 9 will be available in 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.5-inch display variants. The 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models of the iPhone 9 will offer an OLED display, while the 6.1-inch variant will be integrated with a normal TFT LCD display.

Analysts are of the opinion that removal of 3D Touch in favor of CGS display is not a good idea. The main reason for the strong advocacy behind the 3D touch is that several companies have optimized the software for the 3D Touch. As a user, you won’t be able to use the apps which provide support for 3D Touch.

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The upcoming iPhone 9 will be tagged as budget-centric and will be available at around CNY 4000. The launch of the iPhone 9 will set new benchmarks in the smartphone segment because of the trending features.

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