Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker Review: Brilliant Stereo Quality Sound

Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker

With the rapid growth of smartphones and tablets, the need for innovative audio accessories such as Bluetooth speakers assumes great importance. The main role of the external speaker is to enhance the audio output emitting from the source device. If your device is equipped with speakers on the rear side, your audio will be muffled. Hence it is absolutely necessary to purchase an external speaker, which will help you to listen to audio with perfection.

You can purchase several Bluetooth speakers manufactured by various companies at a low cost. However, you should invest for credible Bluetooth-enabled speaker such as Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker. We have been working with the Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker for the last few months. Will you be able to listen to the audio very clearly and louder than your smartphones? Can you experience loud audio output? Let’s find out.


The product package includes Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker and user manual. Even though the manual was in the Chinese language, we managed to work with the speaker easily. You will not find any other accessories such as AUX or charging cables other than the speaker and the manual. We would suggest the manufacturer to include user manual in the English language as well for the benefit of International users.

Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker

Product features

The Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker provides support for Bluetooth 4.2 and is capable of delivering a backup of over 10 hours upon single charging. The speaker is designed to deliver clear and crisp sound. The speaker is equipped with dual sound units coupled with a passive indicator enclosed in an acoustic unit design. Xiaomi has employed silver matte aluminum alloy frame with the white shell to provide a premium touch. The main highlight of the speaker is the integrated microphone with CVC noise canceling functionality using which you can answer calls easily. With AUX line-in port, you can establish connectivity with non-Bluetooth devices.

Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker Working

The Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker has been charged out of the box and hence we worked with it without charging. On the top, you will find a Power button and volume rockers. The power button is used to switch on the speaker and also to activate calls. The rear side accommodates the charging and AUX port respectively. You will find two tiny bushes on the bottom of the speaker.

We easily established connectivity with our smartphone using the Xiaomi Square Box II speaker. The sound produced by the speaker was loud enough for a small room. We also tested multi-room connectivity and found that the speaker lacks range.

Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker

We placed the speaker in a room and changed the location of the smartphone. The speaker worked perfectly in the next room and also half of the main hall. The speaker didn’t work in another bedroom. However, if you keep the device and the Xiaomi Square Box II speaker in the same room, then you will experience loud sound, which will be better than any smartphone or tablet.

The volume rockers are placed on the top side and we adjusted it up to the maximum level. The output was very loud and it’s practically not possible to use the speaker at that volume. However, the sound level at the maximum level will be useful if your house or office is big.

The AUX port included on the rear will be useful if you have non-Bluetooth devices such as Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, and others. The AUX cable is not included with the package and you need to use your existing cable to establish connectivity with old devices.

The weight of the Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker is comparatively higher than other Bluetooth speakers. You will have to keep the speaker somewhere in the room. We would appreciate if Xiaomi bundles a protective cover to avoid dust from entering the speaker system.

We noticed a considerable vibration when the Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker is in use beyond a particular volume level. However, you will notice only the vibration only if you touch the speaker grills. Even though the speaker looks premium, the edges and the grills are sharp. Hence, if you move the speaker from one location to another, you have to do it carefully to avoid fall and damages.


The Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker is an incredible speaker, which is capable of producing loud sound with all the features. The advantage of the speaker is the addition of an AUX port paired with microphone for calls. If your smartphone is producing low volume for calls like our Redmi Note 4G does, you can sync all the calls to the speaker system for a good experience. The weight is a bit on a high side but something needs to be compromised for an enhanced audio experience. You should ideally place the speaker somewhere on the table. We highly recommend Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker if you would like to fill your room with powerful stereo quality sound.

Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Square Box II Bluetooth Speaker









          Sound quality




              User Manual





                  • Good Design
                  • Polished Design
                  • Impressive sound quality
                  • Calling functionality
                  • AUX support


                  • Heavyweight
                  • Lack of cables
                  • Tight packaging
                  • Chinese user manual

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