Beginners Guide on Different Types of WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is one of the most neglected things Why? When you know this is one of the best element of every profitable business websites. Well picking the best one of the best WordPress hosting will definitely let you improve and enhance your SEO that will expand the sales.

WordPress is one of the best compelling self-hosted CMS. But at times when you need to pick the best hosting which could offer better value for money and features such as unlimited bandwidth, FTP accounts, disk space, backups and restore, One click installation. And most probably one that offers you reliable security.

We have seen in past people get confused with different types of WordPress hosting as they surf various pages on the web. There are tons of WordPress hosting choices that are made available to users that include Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed WordPress hosting.

Talking about the present era WordPress hosting has become quite popular which consumes a large proportion of hosting industry. That’s why many hosting companies came with their exciting plans for users which are cost-effective from $4 per month shared to over 400$ for the business-oriented website on dedicated plans.

But still, at some point users did get confused more often the issues are with beginners who have just started with WordPress hosting. Before moving towards making the first pick of your WordPress hosting is to create and setup your domain.

You need to look for some vital factors before you pick up your hosting platform they are as follows:

  • Easy migration
  • WordPress hosting
  • Best customer support
  • Feasibility
  • Security option
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast page loading speed which also offers adequate storage
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Here, We would like to go through 5 option for WordPress Hosting. There are always look alike features that offer specific features from hosting providers as well. We will take down one by one each step so that you can get the entire concept.

Shared Hosting – The cheapest WordPress Hosting

The first one would be Shared Hosting which is cheap and affordable. People having low traffic or don’t want to spend much or starting their first WordPress site can opt-in for Shared hosting.

Having a Shared Server means sharing a web server with many other users on a single server. So, why would one share a space when you’re paying for it? Well, the only reason would be economically paying a very little.

WordPress hosting is definitely targeted towards beginners which is much easy to use. You get all the basic functionalities with one click WordPress installation but do know that they don’t allow you to have advance feature in it.

But the main downside of having a shared hosting is performance. As because there are other customers hosting their website on a server. The bandwidth is pretty much capped and as soon as you cross the limit it’s time to upgrade the plan.

Managed WordPress Hosting – Decent WordPress Features

This type of hosting is for those who can spend a little more for having a bit extensive features like automatic updates, security, and expert WordPress support.

Having a Managed WordPress hosting is popular in WordPress community while it has more features and good features. Think of an optimized server which only focuses on performance so that you can take the time out to write content and manage your online business hassle free. They do offer features like staging site and advance WordPress support.

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Managed WordPress host will benefit you in many ways such as:

  • Updating your WordPress software
  • Backups are taken in every passing day
  • The pre-configured performance boost from server and implementation of CDN’s
  • Make your WordPress site extremely secure using specific firewalls


Virtual Private Server – An important update from WordPress shared hosting

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is one fall between the shared hosting and a dedicated server. Technically a VPS offers less space but does offer an allotment of space all to yourself. This is a major upgrade from Shared hosting which has some benefits such as:

  • No need to share resources
  • More control over your server

Lots of Hosting providers nowadays offer Virtual Private Servers categorically they are as follows:

Unmanaged – You do require some knowledge about networking and you’re all alone when setting up the server.

Managed – You do not require configuring things manually all the setups are done on the backend by your hosting provider or the person maintaining the server.

Cloud Hosting – Plan to Fit All Sizes

Cloud Hosting is one of the most popular hosting these days where users are allowed to scale resources and prices according to requirements. Cloud hosting generally hosted on cloud architecture regardless of having a specific server.

One of the largest benefits that users derive from is scalability therefore it becomes convenient for users to remove or add resources. For instance, if you receive a sudden surge in traffic then it could scale resources to run the website at optimal state.

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With these, you’ll be responsible for

  • Managing the server
  • Optimizing performance and resources usage

Cloudways is one of the best cloud hosting provider and you can read my detailed article on cloudways promo code which will help you to get the offers and discounts

Dedicated Server – Expensive but awesome performance boost

A dedicated WordPress hosting itself is a server made to serve the specific buyer or user buying the service. You don’t need to share resources regardless of shared hosting or VPS. You’re ought to get 100% of the power and performance.

There are few benefits of using a dedicated server.

  • Performance
  • Full Control

Quickly wrapping up

Hope you have understood the major difference and type of WordPress Hosting that is available to you. If you’re starting up the WordPress website or blog then, considering one of the options can be good for you.

We insist you go for lowest one i.e for a shared server which is a good idea of scaling up later when you starts receiving a good amount of traffic. Pin down your thought tell us what type of WordPress hosting do you use?

The above article has been authored by Rohit Mishra, who is a reputed content writer and blogger based in India.