Get Xiaomi AQara Cube Smart Home Controller only for $15.43 on Gearbest

Xiaomi AQara Cube

Gearbest is throwing up several offers as part of the 618 celebrations. You can now purchase Xiaomi AQara Cube Smart Home Controller for $15.43 with free shipping. The Xiaomi AQara Cube is designed using premium materials that are sturdy and durable. The function of the product is to establish connectivity with smart products.

The Xiaomi AQara Cube features 6 stage gyroscope with 6 separate actions to operate at any time. It provides support for blind operations. The Cube is capable of managing Xiaomi branded electric appliances such as smart TV, air purifiers, and lamps.

The Xiaomi AQara Cube ships with 6 actions such as shake, rotate, push, tap twice, turn 90 degrees in addition to flip 180 degrees. The small size of the cube nicely blends with the home decor. The cube offers an intelligent linkage control.

If you rotate the AQara Cube, the product will adjust the brightness of lamps. The curtain can be switched on and off using shake mechanism. The lights will be activated upon pushing. The AC can be switched on/off just by tapping. The cube will enter the sleep mode upon flipping 180-degrees. Do you have Xiaomi Air Cleaner? You just need to turn the cube 90 degrees.

Xiaomi AQara Cube – Unbeatable Price
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