How to bring back Phone app to the desktop after Android Oreo update in Infinix Note 4?

Infinix Note 4

Infinix Note 4 is one of the trending smartphones and you should bring back the Phone app after Android Oreo update. The company has been exclusively selling the handset via Flipkart. The device ships with Android Nougat but you can get an upgrade to Android Oreo now. Infinix listened to feedbacks and rolled out Android Oreo update a few months back. We installed the update yesterday on our Infinix Note 4.

The process involves downloading the update measuring over 1.7GB via Wi-Fi. The installation will start as soon as you initiate it. We are unable to see any kind of data loss after the installation of the Android Oreo update. However, the Phone icon vanished from the home screen aka desktop and we are compelled to bring back the Phone app. My father was using the handset and the asked me about the absence of the Phone icon. I asked him to stay calm and started to investigate the matter. I found the solution within seconds.

In this article, you will learn the steps required to bring back the Phone app to the desktop after the installation of Android Oreo in Infinix Note 4.

(1) Select A-Z red icon from the desktop

(2) You will view a list of all the installed apps
(3) Select the alphabet P
(4) You will now find Phone icon on the top row

(5) Gently tap on the icon and you will view a pop-up menu

(6) Select Send to desktop option from the menu.

(7) You will now view the Phone icon on the second page.

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(8) Drag the icon to the first page if you want.

That’s it. You have recovered the Phone icon after Android Oreo installation. If you are unable to find the Phone icon after the installation, you should follow the above steps to bring it back. You need not have to backup data since there will be no data loss. However, if you prefer, you can copy all the files to your PC before proceeding with the installation.

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