European Union slaps $5.04 billion fine on Google over Android

European Union

EU has slapped a massive fine of EUR 4.3 billion on Google for abusing Android operating platform. According to reports, European Union’s Competition Commission has imposed a never before fine of over $5.04 billion in an Android antitrust case.

The fine is being imposed because of illegal restrictions on Android smartphone manufacturers. The Mountain View-based giant managed to attain a dominant position on the market because of these restrictions.

The European Union’s Competition Commission has allocated 90 days for Google to end the illegal restrictions. The company will have to pay the fine if they fail to discontinue the restrictions. It remains to be seen as to whether the company will pay the penalty amount. The $5.04 billion is quite massive and the company will find it difficult to survive the business.

The argument put forward by Google has been dismissed by the EU Commission. According to Google, Apple was the main competitor to Android devices and the move is done because of their policies.

The European Commission took to Twitter and disclosed that they are dining Google EUR 4.34 billion for illegal practices regarding Android mobile devices. Google has made an attempt to dominate search engines by denying chances to EU consumers.

According to EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, Google has imposed severe restrictions on Android device manufacturers and network operators in such a way to ensure that traffic on Android devices goes directly to the Google search engine instead of other competitors.

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Google has used Android as a vehicle to make a dominant position on the search engines. This has denied competitors with chances to rule the mobile world, which is illegal under EU antitrust rule.

Google has been adopting bad practices over the last several years. The recently refreshed Google News is a classic example whereby small publishers were denied the opportunity to expose their work on Google News.

Even though the news is getting indexed, Google is not showing them on the landing page of the relevant section. Google selectively picks publisher content and displays them on the home page and other category pages. Prior to the adoption of the new Google News, the publishers faced no problem. Google said that they have adopted AI to fetch content but this has spoiled the efforts of several small publishers. The recent judgment of the European Union is a lesson for the company and hope they will learn from the past mistakes.

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