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Mini Air Purifier

The world is becoming congested. Hence, you need to purchase smart air purifiers such as Mini Air Purifier, which is currently available on Gearvita. The Mini Air Purifier is available for $24.99 with free shipping instead of the retail price of $31.99. However, you will have to apply our exclusive coupon code before August 7 provided at the end of the article.

The Mini Air Purifier is designed to protect your health coupled with multiple filters.  The Mini Air Purifier carries an EPA efficient air filter with the ability to filter our super small dust particles.

The filter ships with an activated carbon filter. Moreover, it filters out effective filter formaldehyde, xylene including harmful gas. It includes an integrated incense smoked cotton article with fresh air. You will be able to wake up freshly.

The touch control switch coupled with an intelligent dynamic LED helps you to operate the air purifier easily. The product also includes a highly efficient negative generator with the ability to remove particles in the air. The advantage is that it creates a healthy indoor environment.

The Mini Air Purifier can be used within a usable area of 8 to 15 square meters with 2.3 cubic meters per second purification speed. The range of purification of particles is between PM1.0 to PM2.5 with a maximum wind speed of 62.74CFM.

You can now purchase Mini Air Purifier only for $24.99 with free shipping. The discount will be applicable only if you apply the coupon code – GVMAP7FS during checkout. If you apply NetAns exclusive discount code – GVMAP7FS, you will be able to purchase the purifier only for $24.99 with free shipping. The code will be valid till August 7 and hence you should buy immediately.

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Buy Mini Air Purifier for $24.99 with free shipping
Coupon Code: GVMAP7FS


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