You can now play music on your Echo with Amazon Prime Music via Alexa Cast – Find out know

Alexa Cast

Amazon has announced the launch of Alexa Cast functionality using which you can listen to music on your Amazon smart speaker or Chromecast enabled devices. You can now listen to music on your Amazon Echo device using the Amazon Prime Music app.

In addition to music playback, you can increase and decrease volume from within your smartphone without providing the voice input beginning with Alexa Cast. You just need to select the relevant song the Prime Music app to listen to the track. If you activate Alexa Cast function, the volume from your device will be stopped and the track will start to play on your relevant Echo device. If you have multiple Echo devices, you should select the relevant name of your speaker.

Steps to activate Alexa Cast

Step 1

The first step is to install the Amazon Prime Music app on your smartphone. If you already have installed the app, you should navigate to Play Store and update the app. It will take a few minutes to update the app depending upon the connectivity. We updated the app within a minute using 4G connectivity.

Step 2

The next step is to select the Alexa casting icon from the bottom portion of the relevant track as shown in the below image. You need to tap on the 2nd icon from the right side.

Alexa Cast Icon

Step 3

The Amazon Prime Music app will prompt you to select the name of your Echo device. If you only have one device, the screen will display its name. Otherwise, you should select the Echo device accordingly. The app will sync with your Echo speaker and the song will start to play.

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Alexa Cast

That’s it. You have successfully synced your smartphone loaded with Amazon Prime Music with your Echo speaker. If you select a song from now on, then the track will play on the speaker. You can adjust the volume levels from your smartphone without pressing the buttons on the Echo speaker.

Amazon Echo speakers are designed to perform a function based on the voice input. However, users often find it difficult to input a specific song name. Moreover, Alexa won’t recognize the track name properly. The Alexa Cast function will eliminate the need to use voice for playing songs. You just need to tap on the song on your smartphone and enjoy listening to the music.

Please let us know via comments about your views on the Alexa Cast function.

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