Grab Mini MP3 Radio Player for only $10.30 on Gearbest

Mini MP3 Radio Player

We know that you are immersed in the world of smartphones from morning to night. Why not you spend some time by listening to FM radio and other MP3 songs via a radio speaker play. Gearbest is offering Mini MP3 Radio Player for only $10.30 with free shipping to the US. If you are placing an order from India, you will have to pay additional shipping charges.

The main highlight of the Mini MP3 Radio Player is its ability to play MP3 songs via TF card and USB flash drive. The radio can automatically scan channels with the help of the FM Radio. The radio is portable because of the 2cm thickness and is designed using UV surface. The radio provides an FM frequency from the range of 70 to 180MHz.

Unlike other radios, the Mini MP3 Radio Player is powered by an 800mAh rechargeable BL-5C lithium battery, which can be charged by establishing connectivity with USB cable or power adapter. You need not have to worry about batteries getting drained. The radio also comes with AUX port, using which you can connect earphones and headphones.

The Mini MP3 Radio Player is equipped with a special ultra thin bass speaker. The purpose of the speaker is to deliver high-pitched and bass HIFI sound. The LCD display provides information about the radio station being played. The integrated LED Flash Light will be useful if you are venturing on the night.

Gearbest is offering Mini MP3 Radio Player only for $10.30 with nominal shipping charges depending upon the country. The radio will be an ideal gadget if you would like to free yourself from the world of smartphones, tablets and other flashy gadgets. The offer will be valid only for a limited time and hence you should grab the radio immediately. The radio is currently available in White, Golden and Sapphire Blue color variants.

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Buy Mini MP3 Radio Player for only $10

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