Buy Xiaomi Mi AI Bluetooth Speaker at an unbeatable price on Gearvita

Xiaomi Mi AI

Xiaomi recently ventured into smart speaker segment with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi AI Bluetooth Speaker. Gearvita is currently selling Xiaomi Mi AI Bluetooth speaker for $71.90 with free shipping. However, you will have to apply the coupon code – MIAISP7 during checkout. The coupon code will be valid till August 25 and hence you need to purchase the speaker immediately.

The Xiaomi Mi AI Bluetooth speaker provides excellent sound quality and offers support for music playback mode. The speaker is designed in such a way to ensure low power consumption. The speaker consists of a wide range of functions for kids such as the ability to translate, add, subtract, multiply including division. The speaker can also render poetry and also produce animal sounds.

The Xiaomi Mi AI Bluetooth speaker provides support for voice control functionality. You just need to command the speaker as to what it should do and the speaker will play automatically. It is possible to set alarm clock, weather, management in addition to querying for specific news. The speaker provides support for dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 technology in addition to A2DP music playback.

The Xiaomi Mi AI speaker is designed using ABS material with 4-ohm speaker impedance. With 1.8m cable length, the total number of speakers amounts to 6. The unit can deliver two-channel stereo output with a frequency of 60Hz-18KHz and S/N of 82dB. Under the hood, the Mi AI is powered by a Cortex A53 processor running at a clock speed of 1.2GHz.

You can now purchase Xiaomi Mi AI Bluetooth speaker for $71.90 with free shipping on Gearvita. The discount will be applicable only if you apply the coupon code – MIAISP7 during checkout before August 25. The world is going smart and why not you buy Mi AI speaker and impress your neighborhood.

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Buy Xiaomi Mi AI Bluetooth Speaker for $71.90
Coupon Code: MIAISP7


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