Xiaomi Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A Launched

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A

Xiaomi has launched Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A in China at CNY 899. The product is available through the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A is designed to provide energy supply from gas.

The device includes a main chamber coupled with a gas burner. It automatically converts the chemical energy supplied by the gas to heat. Moreover, the water heater also provides integrated energy saving functionalities.

The Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A consists of a water intake pipe, which establishes connectivity with the water supply inside your home. The unit also includes a hot water outlet alongside a gas intake valve in the middle on the bottom portion. The overall water flow is automatically detected by an intelligent sensor, which ignites the gas burner.

The Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A is designed in such a way that water flows via a serpentine pattern through the heat exchanger. It is capable of absorbing heat including the ability to adjust the water flow rate to save power.

The water heater provides 13L flow rate, which is sufficient for one house with dual bathrooms. The integrated digital thermostat is capable of controlling the temperature accurately during any climatic conditions. The LED display shows the real temperature of the water. The bundled app can be used to keep track of the overall consumption including the temperature.

The Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A is currently available via crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin website and is expected to ship starting September 27.

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