Vodafone Raksha Sutra Keeps Children Protected At Ambaji Mela 2018


Vodafone has announced the launch of Raksha Sutra initiative in Gujarat to protect children at Ambaji Mela 2018. The main purpose of the Vodafone Raksha Sutra is to ensure a safe and worry-free spiritual experience for thousands of pilgrims visiting Ambaji during the Bhadarvi Purnima Mela this weekend.

According to company sources, all children under 14 years of age visiting Ambaji this year, will stay protected with Vodafone Raksha Sutras in the form of QR(Quick Response) coded badges that will be pinned on their clothes. The initiative is similar to that of the badges provided by Vodafone during the Sabarimala season in 2017. The initiative is designed to achieve the highest standards of health, safety, and well-being in and around the communities.

If a child with the badge misses in the crowd, the Vodafone Raksha Sutra will ensure that the children can be reconnected with their family, through data saved in their badge. The purpose of the initiative is to prevent incidents of children getting lost during the annual Ambaji Mela. Moreover, this will free up the Gujarat Police force time and efforts to focus on more important tasks on hand.

As part of the Vodafone Raksha Sutra, families traveling to Ambaji with children under 14 years of age can visit any of the five designated Vodafone Idea pandals set up in the vicinity of the temple to register for this service. After the initial registration, each child will be provided with a Vodafone Raksha Sutra badge containing the child’s name, guardian names, contact number and relevant details.

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If a child gets separated from their families, the parents can visit the nearest Vodafone Idea pandal, where volunteers will help them by scanning the QR code of the child. Moreover, the parents will receive SMS informing them of the child’s location. The Vodafone Raksha Sutra QR coded badges will not only simplify the task of identifying the child’s identity but also facilitate a quick reunion with his/her dear ones.

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