Banggood Accessories Sale: Exciting discounts on cables and adapters

Banggood Accessories Sale

Banggood is currently offering exclusive discounts for Blitzwolf range of products and accessories. As part of the Banggood Accessories sale, you will be able to save a maximum of $15 for cables and chargers. The main highlight of the Banggood Accessories sale is that if you buy 3 units, you will receive one free unit of the ordered product.

The Blitzwolf lightning to USB braided data cable can be purchased for $7.49, while the Blitzwolf Micro USB cable is available for $2.69. You can purchase Blitzwolf AmpCore Turbo cable for $6.69. However, you will have to apply the coupon codes mentioned on the Banggood Blitzwolf sale landing page. You can buy Blitzwolf USB charger for $8.99.

Bangood is also offering exclusive discounts for a wide range of Baseus products as part of the Banggood Accessories sale. You can purchase Baseus 18W Type C cable for $7.49, while Baseus 10W Wireless QC 3.0 charger for $13.99. The Baseus 2.1A lightning for fast charging data is available for $8.99, while Baseus Infrared sensor auto-lock can be grabbed at $22.99.

Bakeey has been selling on Banggood and the company has manufactured a wide range of products. You can purchase Bakeey Type C 7×18650 Power Bank charger for $5.89 instead of the retail price of $12.99. The Bakeey Type C to Micro USB connection adapter is available for $1.99. While Bakeey Micro USB Nylon data cable is available for $4.59, the Bakeey 3A LED EU plug adapter can be purchased for $7.99.You can purchase Bakeey Extendable Selfie Stick and Tripod for $17.99.

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Banggood is also offering discounts for Floveme range of accessories. The Floveme Micro USB Braided fast charging cable and Floveme Type C fast charging cable is available for $4.59. You can buy Floveme Type C Micro USB cable for $3.49.

If you would like to buy accessories such as cables and adapters, you should purchase the products manufactured by reputed companies like Blitzwolf, Baseus, and Bakeey.

Banggood Accessories Sale

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