FotoJet Collage Maker: The Perfect Tool For Image Enhancement

FotoJet Collage Maker

In the world of smartphones, you capture several images during your vacation trip or during any family function. Moreover, you also capture several images in the form of selfies. You can navigate the images as usual either from within the smartphone or after transferring to your PC. If you had captured five selfies and you would like to arrange them in a particular fashion, you can do so with the help of software tools such as FotoJet Collage Maker.

With FotoJet Collage Maker, you can convert ordinary photos into stunning collages easily with minimum effort. You can merge multiple photos into photo grids and collages. Moreover, you can also create impressive photo cards, posters, cartoons and much more. The FotoJet Collage Maker includes over 800 grids and collage templates including editing tools. The tool also ships with 100+ text fonts, styles, 800 clipart images, 80 background patterns, lines, and shapes. You can make use of all the tools and resources to create powerful and crisp collage images for the purpose of the web and social media.

The FotoJet Collage Maker also helps you to customize images using various options such as move, resize, crop, layer management, auto-snap, and duplication. After you have satisfied with the creation of the collage, you can save the finished product as JPG or PNG. It is also possible to share the image over social media platforms from within the dashboard. It is also possible to save the work as a project and use them for future editing purposes.


To download FotoJet Collage Maker, you need to navigate to the website and select the required button. You can either download the trial version or buy the full version. You will have to provide the license key to activate the product. We downloaded and installed the product quickly without any hassles. After installation, you should double click the desktop icon to launch the dashboard.


To work with FotoJet Collage Maker, you need to double click the desktop icon. You will view a dashboard with several collage templates such as classic, creative and Misc. The Load Project button located on the top right side helps you to open an old project. If you don’t have any project, you just need to select a collage format.

FotoJet Collage Maker

The next step is to select a template. For the purpose of this article, I have selected Modern template. You will view a dashboard similar to that of the figure below.

FotoJet Collage Maker

The FotoJet Collage Maker provides several sub-templates which you can use for the purpose of collage making. If you select All drop-down arrow, you will view several options such as the number of photos you would like to embed into your collage. If you select 1, the tool will display all templates that accommodate one photo. You can select any options according to your requirements.

FotoJet Collage Maker

The next process is that you need to keep handy set of images so that you can add them to the FotoJet Collage Maker. I picked five scenic images, which I captured during my visit to Ponmudi Hills long time back. The images were embedded inside the Enjoy Life template by selecting 4-5 Photos option.

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FotoJet Collage Maker

It is possible to modify the text content by selecting the relevant placeholder and double clicking inside it. The FotoJet Collage Maker enables you to modify font family, font size, formatting techniques, property including effects such as opacity, outline, and glow.

You can also modify the parameters of each image by selecting Photo option from the left side navigation bar. The FotoJet Collage Maker helps you to modify text formatting options including the ability to integrate clipart. The tool ships with several cliparts and you can select as per your project requirements. The selected clipart will be embedded on to the collage. After adding the clipart to the editor, you can modify its parameters such as property and effect.

FotoJet Collage Maker

If you select BKGround option, you will be able to modify the background of the collage. The FotoJet Collage Maker provides a wide range of background templates. You can also select a solid or gradient color.

FotoJet Collage Maker

The top navigation panel provides three icons using which you can save the project and share the collage across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

FotoJet Collage Maker

You can save the collage in JPG and PNG formats respectively. The tool provides a facility to share the collage immediately after saving. You have to pick a suitable icon from the displayed dialog. You can also provide the relevant content inside the textbox before hitting the Share button.

FotoJet Collage Maker


If you have access to plenty of images, you should make use of your creative mind in such a way to present them in a meaningful way. With FotoJet Collage Maker, you will be able to transform your image(s) into various formats that can be shared across various social media platforms. You need not have to do hard work to create attractive collages. You just require images and rest of the work can be easily completed from within the dashboard. The user interface is not only brilliant but also fast and smooth. We highly recommend FotoJet Collage Maker if you would like to transform images into stunning and impressive collages.

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