Happy Birthday Alexa: Buy Amazon Echo Smart Speakers With Offers

Happy Birthday Alexa

Amazon Alexa is celebrating its birthday and the company is offering exciting discounts. As part of the Happy Birthday Alexa celebrations, Amazon has announced a wide range of bundle offers on Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Spot respectively.

If you purchase two or more Echo Dot, you will be eligible to receive a discount of Rs 1800. Amazon is offering a flat discount of Rs 6000 if you purchase two or more Echo Plus. When it comes to the Echo Spot, you will get a discount of Rs 5200 if you purchase multiple units.

Amazon Echo and Wipro Smart Color Bulb bundle currently available for Rs 7499 instead of the retail price of Rs 11798. The All-new Echo Dot with improved features is available for Rs 4499 as part of the Happy Birthday Alexa.

You can buy all-new Echo Plus for Rs 14999, while the Amazon Echo Sub can be added to the cart for Rs 12999. The first generation Amazon Echo can be grabbed a discounted price of Rs 6999. If you would like to work with Echo Spot, you can buy the gadget for Rs 12999.

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