Light By RocketLife With Customized LED Lighting Announced: Everything you need to know

Light by RocketLife

RocketLife has announced the launch of Light by RocketLife, which is the world’s most creative lighting system. Light by RocketLife is an easy-to-use hardware and software system that adds dynamic lighting to the surroundings. With the help of the Light by RocketLife, you will be able to create multi-layered effects that not only blend but also move with rich color transitions, sparkles, and natural motion effects that tell a story.

The Light provides creative home and business lighting that’s perfect for animated signs, retail displays, holiday lighting, DJ lighting including sparkling DIY crafts, PC mods, and creative costumes. The Light by RocketLife provides support for Bluetooth, which enables you to control all your Android and iOS devices via the LightMobile app.

With Light by RocketLife, you can simply establish connectivity with the compact LightBox Bluetooth device to the included LED strip. You can choose a lighting effect on the smartphone. The Light includes LightBox, which features RocketLife’s advanced LED animation hardware. It is a small stack of business cards measuring 1-inch height.

The LightBox provides support for a wide range of LED strips, discs, holiday strings, and grids. The company also developed Light Effects Designer Software, which is a powerful animation editor with drag and drop simplicity.

Commenting on the development, RocketLife CEO Daniel Kaye added that ever since we were kids, we’ve loved lights. The company wanted to invent something that would let anyone add fantastic lighting to all parts of their lives. Moreover, it was powerful enough for professionals to create amazing new experiences. The ultimate technology is finally here to put the lighting we dreamed about within the reach of everyone with the help of Light by RocketLife.

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The Light by RocketLife provides a wide range of dynamic programs and effects with the option to use not only rechargeable battery or power adapter. The Light works with light strips, grids, circles, discs and much more.

The product package includes LightBox Bluetooth LED animation device, a 2 meter (6½ foot) strip of addressable LEDs, Light Effects Designer software for Mac and Windows, and the LightMobile App for iOS and Android.

The Light by RocketLife will be available starting November 13 via Kickstarter with expected shipping around Q2 2019. Please navigate to for more information.

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