Wi-Charge Helps You To Charge Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini Wirelessly


Wi-Charge has announced an innovative Wireless Power Kit that transforms an existing wired Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini smart speakers into a beautiful and fully functional wireless product. You will be able to make use of the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini anywhere without cables or proximity to a power outlet.

As a consumer, you won’t be asked to change the way of the usage but you will gain dramatic new freedoms on placement options. Right now, you place the smart speakers near a power outlet and work with it. You can also purchase special unique stand available for Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini that will hide the cables.

If you implement Wi-Charge, you can simply place the Echo Dot and Home Mini anywhere and work with the speakers. The interaction will be the same but you gain a tremendous amount of freedom. You need not to have to worry if the original power adapter is damaged.

Commenting on the development, Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer, Wi-Charge disclosed that the award-winning Wireless Power Kit demonstrates the possibilities of converting popular smart home devices into completely wireless products. The new Powered by Wi-Charge package provides all the tools that is required to bring a wireless powered product and appliance to market.

The Powered by Wi-Charge OEM package ships with a wireless charger and wireless power receiver modules including detailed data sheets and reference design schematics. You will be provided access to Wi-Charge engineers to tackle any problem associated with system engineering, safety certifications and much more. The company also provides a facility to replace modules with upcoming hardware versions.

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The Wireless Power Kit is available as a reference implementation for manufacturers who provide Wi-Charge long-range wireless power modules into their product line. The company will be accepting a limited number of partners into the program at this stage.

Wi-Charge has been selected as a CES Innovation Award recipient under the Home Audio/Video product category. The Wi-Charge Wireless Power Kit for Amazon Echo and Google Home will be on display in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES 2019 – LVCC, South Hall 4 – 36522.

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