Babahu X1 Smart Automatic AI Toothbrush Launch Soon On Indiegogo

Babahu X1

Nowadays, there is a huge growth in the use and consumption of smart devices. Babahu X1 smart automatic toothbrush is currently listed on Indiegogo. The Babahu X1 is manufactured using AI technology and is designed for adults and kids. The product helps them to brush teeth efficiently and scientifically.

The main highlight of the Babahu X1 Smart Automatic Toothbrush is the integration of an intelligent partitioning algorithm. The mouthpiece divides your teeth into different areas such as incisor, canine or molar. The brushing process will happen at various frequencies. Moreover, the toothbrush is incorporated with Qi wireless fast charging functionality, which is capable of delivering a standby time of 30 days upon 2 days of charging.

The company has adopted cutting edge AI technique for both kids and adults, which helps them to brush their teeth accurately. To work with Babahu X1, you need to squeeze the toothpaste onto the U-shape mouthpiece design and put the mouthpiece in your mouth. After that, you can switch on the toothbrush and the automated brushing will kick start without any manual intervention.

Babahu X1

The Babahu X1 comes in three sizes of mouthpieces for 3 different age range between 2 to 6, 6 to 13 and above 13. The product is capable of intelligently identifying the different mouthpiece solutions for kids and adults that delivers the best possible results.

The Babahu X1 is manufactured using FDA approved edible silicone and is water resistant via IPX7 and also comes with anti-drop functionality. The 6D super soft bristles cover your teeth from 6-side with a specific 45-degree angle. The company reveals that the toothbrush can be used only for 6 months due to hygiene reasons and a substitute brush will be made available on Indiegogo or Amazon.

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The Babahu X1 will be available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo. You can register interest on the official landing page to avail 58 percent discount. You will be notified when the item is available for sale.

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