Scriba Stylus With Advanced Features Launched: Everything you need to know

Scriba Stylus

Dublin Design Studio has announced the launch of Scriba Stylus, which provides an enhanced user experience coupled with a greater level of control. The Scriba is an award-winning stylus designed exclusively for mobile devices by David Craig, who is an award-winning architect turned entrepreneur and owner of Dublin Design Studio. The company also launched Scriba Slides, which is an iOS app that is capable of delivering dynamic presentations with the help of your mobile device.

The Scriba is designed with a flexible body that bends in response to your every touch and is called as Squeeze-Motion. You will be able to control presentations including the ability to trigger a mobile camera. You can also create beautiful art with the help of the Scriba stylus.

It is also possible to dynamically adjust line weight, switch functions and also to recognize gestures simply by squeezing. The Line-weight and app functionality can be adjusted by a simple squeeze to reduce distraction. You will be able to experience an immersive digital design with powerful features.

Scriba is the first stylus to integrate tactile feedback, which delivers discreet alerts. Moreover, the stylus also provides confirmation of all your on-screen actions as gentle vibrations.

The Scriba stylus is designed using flexible Nylon body coupled with anti-slip soft grips that ensure natural movements of the hand. The product is designed using comfortable and lightweight materials using which you can design ergonomically. The Scriba stylus is designed to deliver over 200 hours of continuous use or 6 months on standby time upon a single charge.

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The product box including Scriba stylus, Micro-USB charging cable and three extra tips. The company also bundled screw-on cover and on aluminum charging port cover. The Scriba is compatible with iPad (3ed Gen), iPhones (from iPhone 4s) and iPod (from 5th Gen). The stylus can also be used with Android and Windows devices as well. The advantage of Scriba is that the stylus is designed, engineered and manufactured in Ireland.

Scriba is available for EUR 65 (INR 5276) on Amazon’s European (UK) sites, WIPLabs in the US ( and the official Scriba website. The company also provides excellent support via email and social media platforms.

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