Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review: Simple and Elegant

Stellar Data Recovery first dashboard

Data is crucial for all users. We handle data in the form of files, music, videos, documents, and other related formats on a daily basis while working with our computer. However, we used to delete the files regularly to save the storage space. Imagine, if you would need to recover the file at some point of time after you delete them from the Recycle Bin. The Windows operating system doesn’t ship with any tool to recover deleted files. In this scenario, you should make use of the premium third-party software tools such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional using which you can recover deleted files hidden deep inside your hard drive easily. We have been testing the tool for quite some time. Does it meet your expectations? In this review, we will examine the features and working of Stellar Data Recovery Professional with an in-depth analysis of the new features, user interface, and usage.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional Installation

To work with Stellar Data Recovery Professional, you should download the software from the official website. You should select Activation icon from the top navigation bar and provide the license key. The software will be activated and you can start working with the tool. We completed the installation quickly without any hassles. You will be able to view the UI immediately after the installation. We noticed that the UI looks smooth without any complicated controls.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional Features

With the help of Stellar Data Recovery Professional, you will be able to recover data from a wide range of Windows devices such as PCs, laptops, ultrabooks and much more. The software has been developed in such a way that it recovers data from corrupted hard drives, missing/lost partitions, and optical media. It is possible to recover any file using the relevant signature. The Stellar Data Recovery also ships with a dedicated drive monitor alongside disk cloning for secured data recovery. The addition of Deep Scan utility helps you to recover the files that are not detected during the quick scan. You can also recover files from memory cards. The system automatically detects the card and recovers the files upon scanning.

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To work with Stellar Data Recovery, you should double click the icon from the desktop. If a message box is displayed, you need to select Yes to work with the software. The dashboard features a navigation bar and it displayed two buttons. The Recover Data Blue-colored button is used to recover data and the Grey colored button captioned Monitor Drive will help you to analyze the health condition of your hard drive.

Step 1

The first step is to select the type of content that needs to be retrieved. You can either select “All Data” or individual types such as Office documents, folders, emails, photos, audio, and videos. By default, all options are selected but you can change as per your requirements. For example, you can select Emails by unchecking “All Data” option and selecting Emails. For the purpose of our review, we have selected Photos.

Stellar Data Recovery first dashboard

Step 2

After selecting the relevant content type option and selecting the Next button, the next step is to select the drive from where the files should be fetched. The dashboard will display all possible options. If you have connected the pen drive or Memory card, the page will display them for selection.

Stellar Data Recovery Second dashboard

Step 3

The tool will display deep scan option as soon as you select a drive. The scanning process will start immediately upon clicking the Scan button. You should note that it is not possible to stop the process. You can deactivate the preview option by sliding the radio button.

deep scan

The page will display the scanning progress with estimated time left and elapsed including other related information. The advantage of the preview mode is that you will be able to view a list of all the files after the software completes the scanning procedure.

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The Stellar Data Recovery will display a message box with information about the total number of files found and the amount of data that can be recovered. If you click the Close button, you will be able to view the files. You can either recover all files by selecting Recover button. It is also possible to recover individual files by selecting the relevant folder and selecting Recover from the pop-up menu. The tool selects all files by default.

As soon as you select a folder, you will be prompted to provide a destination folder where the recovered files will be placed. The Stellar Data Recovery also ships with a module to automatically create a ZIP file with all the recovered files. You should select Create Zip File checkbox by selecting Advanced Settings option. This feature will be helpful if you are attempting to recover large chunk of files. The recovery process will start upon selecting Start Saving button.

destination box

The Stellar Data Recovery will not allow you to save recovered files under the same volume. Hence, you should save the file to a pen drive or another partition on your hard drive. The tool also enables you to preview the audio or video after the recovery process.

After the end of the scanning process, you will be able to view a message box with the total number of files available for recovery followed by the total capacity of the data.

completion message box

You can easily recover a folder after the completion of the scanning process by choosing the relevant folder and selecting Recover option from the popup menu. It is also possible to recover all the files with the help of Stellar Data Recovery.

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The Stellar Data Recovery Professional edition also ships with Stellar Drive Monitor using which you can keep track of the status of your hard disk, disk partitions. You can also perform scanning of the hard drive including cloning. You can launch Monitor Drive by selecting the Grey colored button from the main screen.

Stellar Drive MonitorConclusion

The Stellar Data Recovery is an excellent software for all users who would like to recover deleted files from their computer, pen drive or memory card. We found the tool very useful because of the simplified user interface. Moreover, the learning curve to work with the product is minimal. The preview module is a useful addition since you can play the recovered content easily without performing the actual recovery. The company has provided excellent documentation with the required steps with related images. The tool will also help you to recover files from old computers, which you are not using for a very long time. The cost is low when compared with the competing counterparts and the company is currently providing discounts for all editions. While the professional edition simply recovers the files, the premium version includes a dedicated module to repair recovered content. The company is offering 30-day money back assurance in case if you are not satisfied with the product. We highly recommend Stellar Data Recovery if you would like to work with a handy tool to recover deleted files either accidentally and deliberately.

Stellar Data Recovery

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