CES 2019: MWA to showcase Cylo Cannonball Waterproof Floatable Bluetooth Speakers

Cylo Cannonball

MiWorld Accessories (MWA) has announced the launch of a new series of Cylo Cannonball Bluetooth speakers at CES 2019. You will be able to experience the working of the patent-pending Cylo Cannonball IPX7 waterproof floatable Bluetooth speakers at Booth #17540 Central Hall from January 8 to 11, 2019 in Las Vegas. The Cylo Cannonball and Cannonball Max speakers will be available starting March 2019 at $49.99 and $79.99 respectively.

Cylo Cannonball Features

The speakers will ship with true wireless capabilities, which enables you to pair two speakers simultaneously for a totally immersive experience. The company has also applied for a patent to integrate Stabilization technology for use in Water and on Land.

The Cylo Cannonball speakers will be resistant to sand and dirt so that you can use them on the beach and outdoors. You can work with the speakers up to 100-foot Bluetooth range and hence you can work during the party, beach, home, and office. The Cannonball speakers will be equipped with a flat bottom, which enables you to use them indoors as a table or desktop speaker. Moreover, the speaker also includes an embedded microphone to enable you to accept phone calls.

Cylo Cannonball specifications

The Cylo Cannonball Bluetooth Speaker features a 4-inch diameter with the ability to pair dual speakers. The speaker is resistant to water, dirt, and sand. The speaker is designed in such a way that it floats in water and will have a Bluetooth range of 60-foot. The flat bottom design structure helps you to use either in an indoor table or desktop.

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CannonBall Audio Video from Jeffrey Escava on Vimeo.

The Cylo Cannonball Max Bluetooth Speaker will have all the features of the standard variant of the speaker. The difference is that the Max speaker will have 5-inch diameter with up to 100-foot Bluetooth range. While the cost of Cannonball speaker will be fixed at $49.99, the Cannonball Max will be up for grabs at $79.99.

MiWorld Accessories (MWA) will showcase the speakers during the upcoming CES 2019 with estimated availability around March 2019. The company is really redefining the way speakers are designed and manufactured. The product team is constantly improving product design that utilizes advancements in the market and pushes the boundaries of everyday design.

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