CES 2019: BeBop Sensors To Showcase Forte Wireless Data Glove

BeBop Sensors Forte Data Glove

BeBop Sensors has announced that they will showcase Forte Wireless Data Glove at CES 2019, Booth #50908 at the Sands, Eureka Park. The company is the leader in smart fabric sensor technology and has shipped over two million wearable smart fabric sensors.

The Forte Wireless Data Glove incorporates haptics and super accurate rapid sensing. The glove is perfect for a wide range of applications such as wearable, industrial, human factors, sports, automotive, medical, military, outdoor wear, virtual reality, gaming, musical instruments and much more.

Commenting on the development, Keith McMillen, Founder, and CEO, BeBop Sensors disclosed that the Forte Data Glove is the first-hand tracking system to accurately and rapidly track fingers and fingertips with the best haptics. He added that the glove was manufactured because they were a lack of products that could accurately sense finger movements and quickly send tactile feedback to the fingertips.

The Forte Wireless Data Glove is equipped with a 500Hz sensor speed with data rates at 150fps. This eliminates lag for near instantaneous response times, which is perfect for demanding gaming applications. The 10 smart fabric bend sensors are located above each knuckle at +/- 1.5 degrees accuracy and repeatability.

The 9-degree IMU provides extremely low drift and reliable pre-blended accelerometer and gyro sensor data. Moreover, the six actuators are located on 4 fingertips, the thumb, and palm. The glove features up to 64 unique haptic sound files. It will reside on the gloves with new files rapidly uploaded over Bluetooth or Micro USB. The glove can be charged in 2 hours and it offers 15 hours of battery life.

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You can experience Forte Wireless Data Glove at Booth #50908, CES 2019. You will also get an opportunity to interact with the company product team and officials.

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