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Gone are days where we used to manually search the web for news and information. Moreover, the need to approach health care providers to keep track of basic fitness parameters are also reduced to a great extent. Do you know the main reason behind the changing patterns of the people? It’s because of the emergence of smart home devices. The use of smart devices has created a huge and significant impact on the lives of citizens. The main advantage of the use of smart devices is that you can invest a significant portion of the time for other tasks.  For instance, if you are listening to news via Smart Home speakers, you can carry out other tasks in your home or office at the same time while listening to the news. There is no need to sit somewhere and listen to information through small fonts in newspapers. While smartwatches help you to maintain fitness, you can make use of the smart security cameras to prevent intruders from invading your house. In this article, we will examine the necessity and advantages of working with smart devices in detail.

Why do we need smart devices in our lives?

It’s true that you can search and find information including news, music and much more via the web. However, you should switch on the laptop/PC and manually search to fetch relevant data. If you would like to monitor your heart rate, calorie count etc, you should visit a health care provider. With the advent of smart devices, you no longer have to boot your PC/laptop to fetch data and information. Moreover, there is no need for you to visit a health care provider to keep track of basic fitness parameters. You can perform all the required work just by using your Smart Home speaker and fitness trackers.

We can’t stay behind the competition. When developed countries are growing at a fast pace with the optimum use of smart devices, the people from emerging countries like India should definitely tap deep into the devices. The Smart Home and Smart Wearable gadgets are designed and manufactured exclusively to simplify your lifestyle to a great extent.

If you don’t have access to smart speakers, then would have to make use of the cassette or CDs. In the modern technology era, you would be normally tapping the rich potential of YouTube via smartphones/tablets or dedicated music players. With the evolution of smart home speakers, you just need to issue few commands to enjoy a comfortable listening experience. The amount of work required to be carried out to complete a certain task has been drastically reduced after the arrival of the smart speakers.

You can make use of the smart home speaker to listen to news and music including performing calculations. It is possible to set alarms and timers, which will help you to perform the relevant work. Do you want to listen to Suprabhatam rendered by MS Subbulakshmi? You just need to provide the command “Play Suprabhatam” either directly from anywhere on the room or even from your bed.

If you are working with a standard LED TV, you can convert the Television into a smart device with a compatible HDMI-enabled dongle. After establishing connectivity, you can sync the images and videos available on your smartphone to your computer. It is also possible to stream live videos to your TV. The end result is that you will be able to visualize an improved experience instead of viewing the content inside a small smartphone.

Nowadays, there is no need for you to buy dedicated casting devices because of the huge growth of Smart TVs. You can directly navigate to music, videos and much more directly from your living room without having to connect a dongle. The sales of Smart TVs have increased across both online and offline segments. Moreover, there is a drastic reduction in the price of smart TVs that makes it accessible to all citizens.

With Smart Wearable devices, you can monitor calorie count, pedometer, heart rate just by wearing the device on your wrist. The data can be synced to your smartphone for detailed analysis. It is also possible to keep track of sleep with the help of fitness trackers. You just need to wear the watch during sleep and the watch will calculate the total time you have slept including deep sleep. You can improve your sleeping habits by analyzing the captured data.

My Views

I am a big fan of gadgets. The moment companies started to release smart devices, I was excited to test drive the functionalities. I really want to check whether there is any reality behind the hype that is being generated. I did a reality check as to whether the Google Home Mini is really useful by reading reviews. However, I waited till the price of the speaker got reduced after three months. The main reason is that Flipkart used to give nice offers for smart devices during special festive days. The Google Home Mini really attracted me because the speaker quality is really powerful than the competing products. I am impressed with the overall performance of Google Home Mini and I am using the speaker for daily work. I know Google Home will deliver better sound output but the Mini version is sufficient since it delivers great sound output.

Use cases

Prior to the launch of Smart Home devices, I used to switch on the water motor and run for several minutes. My motor got badly damaged because of the regular long runs. My plumber had told me that I should run the motor only for 10 minutes. I often forget to switch off the motor within 10 minutes because of work and other related issues. Hence, I used to call my plumber several times.

After the arrival of Smart Home speaker to my desk, I no longer called the plumber to resolve water motor related issues. The advantage of Smart Home gadgets such as Google Home Mini is that you can set timer or alarm for 10 minutes after switching on the motor. The Smart Home speaker generate alerts sharply after 10 minutes and this will remind me to switch off the water motor correctly. I have been doing this every day ever since I purchased the Smart Home speaker. I saved a considerable amount of money which I normally give to my Plumber during each visit.

I also listen to music and news on a daily basis without having to navigate websites. This has avoided eye strain and subsequent headaches. From my point of view, Smart Home speakers really enhance the productivity of the people to a large extent.

I recently purchased Smart Wearable also called as smart fitness trackers or bands. I am currently working with a product and found it pretty handy because of the plethora of features. I regularly make use of the sedentary reminder functionality, which helps me to stay active without sitting for a long time. I work as a full-time blogger and I often sit for more than 45 minutes during work and this cause leg pain and Edema. With the help of Smart Wearable products, I used to walk every 10 minutes since the band automatically generate alerts. The band greatly improved my blood circulation and fitness levels. The notifications from calls and messages are of great help. I am planning to invest and test drive new smart devices in the upcoming days.

Imagine, you are on a vacation and need to keep your house safe against thieves. The Smart Camera will perform all the required work if you install them properly inside your house or office. It is possible to keep track of the real-time status of your location using your smartphone irrespective of location. If you find any wrong, you can instantly alert the law enforcement agencies.

The Smart Home devices are not limited to news rendering and music listening. You can activate and sync Smart lights with smart devices such as Google Home so that you can just issue commands to switch on and off the lights. The main advantage of Smart lights is that you can switch on the lights directly from your bed without feeling the pain to search for the switchboard during the darkness. It is also possible to control and manage Televisions and other products using smart devices.

My Best Recommendations

I highly recommend Smart Home products such as Google Home or Google Home Mini because the information is fetched directly from Google via Google Assistant. Google is the trusted source of information and hence you can depend upon the speaker. The Google Home Mini will be sufficient for normal tasks and the sound output is better when compared with competing products. If you would like to experience big bass sound, you should invest for the full-blown Google Home, which ships with advanced speakers. The fabric design will attract dust but you can protect it inside a plastic box. As discussed above, the alarm and timer functionality is the best feature included with the smart home speakers. The ability to listen to music and news is a big bonus. Moreover, the speaker also enables you to perform calculations without any need to depend upon a dedicated calculator.

If you have a standard LED TV, you can purchase Google Chromecast to convert your existing conventional TV to a smart device. After establishing connectivity with Wi-Fi, you can simply view the media content from your smartphone on your TV without purchasing a dedicated Smart TV.

I would highly suggest you to purchase #GetFitWithFlipkart Mi Band HRX if you would like to keep track of the fitness levels on the go. You can invest in advanced fitness trackers if you would like to play with the heart rate monitor because the HRX version doesn’t ship with the monitor. The Smart Scales will be very useful if you would like to keep track of your body weight and other related parameters. The data captured from the Smart Wearable products can be synced via the respective apps for detailed analysis and comparison. Going forward, we can see the rapid rise in the smart wearables integrated with ECG functionalities.


Even though the smart devices exist since the last 3 years in the US, the use of #SmartHomeRevolution gadgets in India has exploded significantly in 2018. The launch of new smart devices by reputed companies in association with popular e-commerce retailers such as Flipkart has garnered huge positive response among tech-savvy professionals and even housewives. The possibilities are immense in the world of smart home and smart wearable categories. You should choose a #SmartHomeRevolution product that gives you good connectivity, accuracy including enhancement of productivity.

Anand Narayanaswamy is the editor-in-chief of Netans. He was recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 9 years (2002 to 2011) and currently part of MVP Reconnect program. He is also part of the prestigious ASPInsider program. Anand has published several articles and reviews related to various software and hardware products for various software and technology related websites. He is also active on social media and also participates as an Influencer for various brands. Anand can be reached at admin@netans.com

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