Microsoft Windows 10 19H1 Adds Reserved Storage Functionality

Windows 10 19H1
Source: ZDNet

Microsoft has released Windows 10 19H1 (Windows 10 1903) release with support for reserved storage functionality. The latest release of Windows 10 19H1 is currently available for users in the fast ring. According to sources, the new build will be made available immediately or after few days depending upon the completion of a quest.

The main purpose of the reserved storage is to provide adequate storage space for the smooth installation of updates. After the installation of the update, your system will retain 7GB of disk space. This 7GB space will be used for the purpose of the installation of updates in the future. The reserved storage will also be applicable for the system with less disk space on older systems.

The company sources revealed that reserved storage feature has been introduced to solve the problems associated with the installation of Windows 10. There are widespread reports that users are unable to install the OS due to space constraints. The reserved storage functionality is an attempt by the company to solve the woes arising out of the installation. Going forward, laptops with a preinstalled version of Windows 10 19H1 will ship with reserved storage feature by default without any need to install the update.

In addition to the storage feature, the Windows 10 19H1 also ships with an improved user interface for the reset of PC. The Redmond-based software giant also adds new command-line options for Linux command line tool. The new update has improved the management of WSL to a great extent.

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