10 Smartphone Tricks That Every Android User Should Know

10 Smartphone Tricks

Everyone uses smartphones today and they have become an inseparable part of our lives. Yet, a large number of people do not know useful, hidden settings, tips, and tricks that are used by very few people. So here’s some really cool stuff you can do with your smartphone. Here are 10 smartphone Tricks that you probably didn’t you could do with your device:

Use Your Earphones to Take Photos

If you want to snap photos with your smartphone, you would typically hold it up and press the camera button, which will snap a couple of photos. However, it shakes that may potentially ruin a good image. Now, if you think of all the situations where you want stability or especially with selfies where you don’t want your arm to show, you still have one trick that will save yourself from taking embarrassing photos.

Use a good old set of earphones that have the volume buttons on them. And start taking pictures by pressing the volume buttons. This is a trick to take still pictures when you want to avoid touching the screen.

Airplane Mode

If you’re in a serious hurry to charge your smartphone, turn it to airplane mode. Disabling all the phone’s communication can actually speed up the charging process by 50%.

Black Wallpaper

Did you know that if you have a smartphone with an AMOLED display, you could actually save battery by changing your wallpaper to a black color? Contrary to most displays, when a pixel is displayed as a clack AMOLED panel, the pixel itself switches off and that’s partly why the contrast is so high on these displays.

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Background Data

You might be using Facebook, but in the background, you’ve got 50 other apps which are constantly sending statistics checking for updates and all of that consumes data. So go to Settings and disable the data-hungry apps.

Use Your Phone instead of Glasses

If you’re out at a fast food joint and are trying really hard to read what’s on their menu without your glasses on, avoid unnecessarily straining your eyes. Simply take a photo without having to forage for those glasses in your bag.

Find Your Lost Android Phone

If you’re one of those who keeps their phone on vibrate or silent mode, it can be a real pain to locate your phone when you’ve misplaced it. Android users can easily go to the Google Device Manager from another device which will force your phone to make a sound, even if it is on silent mode.

The camera comes in handy to check for dead remote batteries

Most television remotes use an Infrared blaster to send signals over to your big screen. And this can actually be seen through your smartphone’s camera. So if you’re wondering if your remote is broken, or if it’s just the batteries running out, just pull out your smartphone and open your camera app. All you have to do is to point your remote at your camera sensor, then press and hold any button on the remote. At this point, you should see a pinkish light coming from the top of your remote if everything is functioning properly.

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If it’s really dim, it’s probably time to replace the batteries in your remote. But if it doesn’t light up at all, it’s either because your batteries are completely dead or your remote has finally bit the bullet.

Enable Android smart lock

Enabling a secure lock screen is important to keep your data safe, but it can be a hassle to input a code every single time you attend to a call. You can avoid that with Smart Lock. You will find this feature tucked away in the security menu on most Android devices. You can keep your phone unlocked while you’re at home, when a device like a smartwatch is connected, or when your phone sees your face with the front-facing camera. You could even have multiple Smart Lock Modules active at the same time. For instance, you could force the secure lock method only when you’re not at home and your phone gets far enough away from your smartwatch to disconnect.

Solve Storage Issues with Gmote

One of the major reasons why people buy smartphones is so that they can watch their favorite videos or movies and listen to music on the go. However, a major challenge is storage space. This is why most people store their music and video files in their PCs, while a selected number of files are stored on their smartphones. This doesn’t allow easy access to music files and you have to keep deleting files to make room for new ones. To do away with the back and forth of deleting files, the Android app called Gmote makes accessing music and video files a breeze.

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Amplify Speakers

A smartphone’s audio quality is what most of us can’t ignore since we use it all the time. And our brain loves loud music. But if you don’t have easy access to speakers to magnify the music, here’s a simple trick to amplify your phone’s speakers at no cost. You can simply put your phone into a ceramic bowl that increases the volume and sound quality by 30%.

These are simple and handy tips and tricks that you can use to get more out of your Android device. So start using these smartphone tricks to optimize your smartphone performance and solve common problems of your daily life.

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