Scriba Stylus Review: Attractive digital pen for all your needs

Scriba Stylus

Nowadays, portable devices such as smartphones and tablets have been part and parcel of our daily lives. We normally make use of fingers to tap and work with the gadgets. The trend has changed and we have seen the evolution of trending accessories, which enhances productivity to a large extent. If you had worked with Palm devices long time back, you should have worked with a stick that is also called as Stylus in technology parlance. With the help of the Stylus, you will be able to tap on the relevant icon and work with the app. We recently had a chance to work with one such accessory named Scriba Stylus, which has been designed in a different way than the conventional stylus. You will work with a stylus that is entirely different than a simple sick that ships with expensive smartphones. Let’s examine the features, usage and other factors of the Scriba Stylus.


The Scriba Stylus product package includes the following items:

  • Scriba Stylus
  • USB cable
  • Instructions
  • Safety information
  • Additional 3 replacement tips

Scriba Stylus Unboxing

The Scriba stylus is enclosed in nice and attractive packaging. You can place the stylus after usage in such a way that it eliminates dust. We very much liked the way the company has packaged the stylus along with other items. However, we would appreciate if the company provides a small cover to place the Scriba stylus when not in use.


Scriba stylus is different from the standard conventional stylus. The device doesn’t look like the standard stylus you worked before with either Palm or even expensive smartphones. The company has designed a new multi-functional tool that looks beyond the pen for the new digital age. The flexible body integrated with Scriba automatically bends in response to your touch activities. Moreover, the Scriba stylus will help you to find not only creative flow but also focus on the task at hand.

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Scriba Stylus Design

With the help of the Scriba Stylus, you will be able to adjust line-weight and app functionality simply by squeezing the pen. The company has integrated Squeeze-Motion technology, which helps you to control presentations including triggering the camera and creation of arts and pictures. The stylus has been designed in such a way that you can perform a wide range of functionalities without depending upon any other tool.

Scriba Stylus Pen

If you are unaware, Scriba is the first stylus to ship with tactile feedback. The Scriba stylus is capable of delivering discreet alerts and confirmations of all the on-screen actions. The stylus generates gentle vibrations while you perform a wide range of work using mobile devices just under your fingertips. The Scribe stylus is embedded with a powerful battery, which can deliver an extended working time. Moreover, the stylus can be paired easily just by holding the pen for just two seconds in contact with the smartphone or tablet.


To work with Scriba Stylus, you should hard press on the pen until you hear the vibration tone. You can then proceed to work with the stylus using not only iOS but also Android loaded devices. It is possible to open apps by tapping on the relevant icon. We noticed that the stylus is highly responsive and the pen won’t harm the screen. Hence, you can safely make use of the Scriba stylus even with devices without any screen protection. You can charge the Scriba Stylus by opening the top cap and by making use of the charging cable bundled with the product package.

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Scriba Stylus Pen

The usage of Scriba Stylus can be extended by installing the compatible drawing apps available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You will be able to know the list of the useful apps from the software page of the official Scriba site. After the installation of the relevant app, you will be able to draw objects using various elements included within the app. The possibilities provided by the stylus are immense and it’s up to you to make use of your creative mind.

We installed HandWrite Pro Note & Draw app on Android smartphone to explore the drawing functionality of the stylus. We managed to easily draw on the screen using the smooth tip included with the stylus. You can install any app available on the Google Play Store to explore the drawing abilities of the stylus.

Scriba Stylus Features

The Scriba stylus can be easily charged using the bundled USB cable using your laptop. Moreover, the 3 replacement tips included with the product package helps you to explore additional creativity in case if you lose the original tip. The company has provided sufficient instructions, which enables you to work with the stylus easily.

We would appreciate if the company provides support for Windows in addition to Android and iOS platforms. I would recommend the company to release the stylus in several colors. Moreover, Scriba should try to make the stylus available with e-commerce retailers like Gearbest, Banggood and much more. The company should also try to release the product in emerging countries such as India.

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The Scriba Stylus is an excellent digital pen using which you can not only work with your smartphone or tablet but also draw images using compatible apps. We managed to work with the stylus easily and smoothly. The weight of the Scriba Stylus is slightly higher but we are unable to find any discomfort after extended use. The stylus works better than the standard stylus which ships with few select smartphones. The stylus is responsive and you can work easily just by hard pressing the pen. The product is designed in such a way to provide a premium look and feel. The product package includes all the required accessories including USB cable, additional tips including user manual. The company has provided an excellent case, which helps you to protect the valuable Scriba Stylus against dust and dirt. That said, the product is designed and manufactured in Ireland and hence you can work with a gadget that doesn’t have roots in China. We would like to have more color options for the stylus and the product team should keep this factor in mind during the next launch. We highly recommend you to try Scriba Stylus if you are on a lookout for a digital pen to work with your smartphone, iPad or any other device.

Scriba Stylus

EUR 50
Scriba Stylus









          Response Time





              • Easy to use
              • Excellent response
              • Additional stylus tips
              • Excellent documentation
              • Affordable price


              • Lack of color variants
              • Slightly heavy

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