Best Power Banks Under Rs 1000 in India

Power Banks

Power banks are an essential accessory for every household. We never know when the power goes off. Hence, you need to keep ready stock of power banks, which helps you to charge not only your mobiles but also tablets and wearables easily. The moment the power goes off, you can charge the handset just by plugging on the Micro USB cable. The device will be charged within a few hours. The power banks will be very useful if you are traveling since you won’t have access to reliable power outlets. In this article, we will examine the best power banks below Rs 1000 available in India.

iPro Power Bank

The iPro power bank is the fastest selling power bank in India and is normally priced at Rs 599. However, the power bank will be available at a discounted price of nRs 399 during special deal days such as Flipkart Big shopping Days. The 10400mAh battery will be capable of charging two smartphones. You should note that higher the power bank capacity, the more you can charge. The sales package includes one power bank and USB cable.

Mi 10000mAh Power Bank

Xiaomi not only released smartphones but also accessory such as power banks. The Mi 10000mAh Power Bank is little bit expensive at Rs 899 and it provides a wide range of features. The cost is attributed to the company name. If you would like to charge your smartphone or tablet with a premium power bank, you should consider Mi Power Bank. The power bank features Lithium Polymer Battery alongside micro connector. The company has bundled charging cable along with the package. The power bank provides support for two way quick charge coupled with 9 layer circuit chip protection. The addition of the LED indicator helps you to know the status of the charging.

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Intex 12500mAh Power Bank

The Intex 12500mAh Power Bank includes three USB ports and is designed using premium materials. The power bank is lightweight and can be easily carried from one location to another. You will be able to charge the devices 500 times and be charged quickly via the bundled charging cable. You can buy Intex 12500mAh power bank for Rs 899 but Flipkart provides discounts during special shopping festivals such as Big Shopping Days.

Ambrane 10000mAh Power Bank

With Ambrane 10000mAh Power Bank, you will be able to charge several devices easily. The integration of PTC technology protects connected gadgets and devices. It is possible to charge Apple iPhone 5 five times and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 two times including iPhone 6 four times. The power bank is equipped with high-quality premium li-ion cells with advanced protection technologies.


Nowadays, the use of smartphones have grown in large numbers and you need to continuously charge the device. This is because apps and Wi-Fi consume battery capacity to a large extent. Hence, you should always keep a backup accessory such as power bank using which you can charge the smartphone easily. You will feel the necessity at some point of time and hence we would suggest you buy any one of the reliable power banks listed above during special deal season from either Flipkart or Amazon. You should check out for the upcoming Flipkart Big Shopping days and Amazon Great Indian sale for offers and discounts.

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