WhatsApp For Android Gets Better With Fingerprint Lock


WhatsApp has rolled out fingerprint lock for Android smartphones along with the latest update. We updated the WhatsApp and can access the fingerprint lock. The company sources revealed to us that they have added the fingerprint lock for enhanced security and it works identical to that of the TouchID and FaceID lock on iPhones.

After the installation of the latest update, you can secure WhatsApp conversations with an additional layer of biometric security from within the messaging platform. The WhatsApp app will open only if the relevant users correctly tap the fingerprint on the smartphone.

The Facebook-owned company had pushed the fingerprint lock for iPhones with the help of the TouchID and FaceID authentication. The availability of the fingerprint lock for Android smartphones is a step in the right direction.

You can enable or disable several options related to the fingerprint lock after activating the new feature. It is possible to configure WhatsApp in such a way that you can provide fingerprint as soon as you close the app. The app also provides an ability to hide the content of the messages in the notifications.

To enable fingerprint locking functionality on Android, you need to navigate to Settings and select Account option. The next step is to tap Privacy option and scroll to the bottom of the screen. You will be able to locate option named Fingerprint lock, which will be disabled by default.

Slide the radio button to the right side and you should enable fingerprint on your smartphone. WhatsApp will prompt you to configure your fingerprint on the smartphone before starting to work with the fingerprint functionality with WhatsApp.

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After activation, WhatsApp will prompt for fingerprint data immediately you open the app. The app will open and you can read chats and messages including the ability to access images and videos after fingerprint unlocking. The fingerprint lock is compatible with all major smartphones with fingerprint locking capability.

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