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Manage your projects

Managing your workflow effectively can be difficult. After all, you must account for so much and forecast various problems to get there. But what we want to ask you is why do it alone? Or rather, why not employ a great project management tool to do it for you? Didn’t think that was possible? Well, these workflow apps mentioned below will prove you wrong:


Think of an app that combines both the power of a communication software and that of a task management tool. Now, you have HeySpace! Things you can do while using the app include easily accessing your list of spaces, chatting with team members, and getting to your task cards. The best part is that you can do all of that at once.

Moreover, the communication feature works for both one-on-one and group conversations. Therefore, you can discuss about one particular task, as well as, get your team’s feedback on something that requires collaborative efforts. Stick to the plans you have mapped for each project and do so with all the members on the same page. That’s HeySpace.


The great thing about Todoist is that it comes in different versions. You can pay nothing, choose to pay for the Premium version, or even go for the Business option for the whole company. Mainly, Todoist is of great help in task management. Thus, you can use this app to assign tasks to each employee on a project – or handle more than one project at the same time. You will have access to the app through both your desktop and phone. Racking up Karma points with the completion of each task is just a fun added bonus.

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MeisterTask makes the project management process smoother by allowing seamless collaboration with your team members. Keep track of different projects or focus on individual tasks through it. Automate and adapt your workflow and then integrate with other applications, like Google Drive and Slack. You will also get automatically generated reports through TimeCamp – a feature that tracks tasks. You can use the free version with two integrations or pay for more.


A fan of lists? Then Centrallo is the app for you. Think of it as the net that catches everything in your personal and professional life. Create notes and put together checklists with this app. Each note can include various forms of media, such as voice notes, photos, and video links. The app also lets you assign tasks to your team members. You can edit everything from your smartphone and tablet. While the free version of Centrallo is available, you may want to spring for the paid one if you plan to get your whole team to use the app. The former allows 100 notes, small cloud storage volume, and only less-hefty attachments.


With ProofHub, you can manage your tasks efficiently and still have time to connect with friends. Its powerful features take away the need for you to crowd your digital space with too many different tools. That’s because it is packed with everything you might need to run your business. A centralized place that stores information for all projects, teams, and communications, ProofHub makes delivering projects on time so much more easier. You can communicate with individual teammates, pin things to the discussion board, and announce things to the whole team. Enjoy features like timesheets, an online proofing tool, and various integrations with this app.

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With, businesses of all sizes can manage their time efficiently. For instance, it lets you manage and track time when you’re working on a task. Enter the time yourself and integrate it with other tools of your choice. Monitor how well you are doing on your smartphone. Break down the time you enter by projects, divide it amongst the tasks for each client, or do the same based on each task. is available in four pricing plans. With each plan, two users can access the app. Unsure if this is the app you need? Then spring for the free version and only sign up when you are satisfied. Also, it’s in your best interest to check the rating of apps and tools before downloading them. For example, reviews such as airg app reviews and the like will enable you to make a perfect decision in terms of the suitability and functioning of the apps.


Toggl lets you add entries manually, so you can keep track of the hours you spend on each task. It lets you view your to-do list and organize it by team, tags, clients, and projects. As you create your workflow plan, we’d recommend adding notes to each description. Doing so will help you recall what the tasks are about. Get detailed reports that show where most of your time is going while working on any project. It seems Toggl is as useful as these financial apps for businesses.

Team management becomes easier since you can invite individuals to a project. The paid version offers detailed insights to allow better optimization of your time based on the reports you get from the app.

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Moreover, you will know who spends more time doing what with Toggl. You can even improve matters with tips from the app itself. Review each project’s details to catch the cause of whatever’s been dragging you down for extended periods of time. Finally, you can sync Toggl on different devices to ensure you are on top of everything.

Wrapping thoughts

To put it in a nutshell, ineffective time management takes many forms. You may find yourself practicing the ever-present tradition of procrastination. Or, personal distractions may be interfering with the pace of your work. Then there are also projects that take more time than they should. Thus, there can be so many reasons that result in wasting your time every day.

Time wasted – no matter the reason – usually means rushed deadlines. If you are always catching your breath to meet those dreaded deadlines, you invite a work-life imbalance. The result would be more stress and anxiety for you. Use your time more effectively and avoid all of that. The apps we listed above are opportunities that will allow you to manage your time better. Use them and get your work – and life – back on track!

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