Microsoft Pushes Windows 10 2004 Preview build 19037.1 For Both Slow and Fast Rings

Windows 10

Microsoft has released Windows 10 2004 Preview build 19037.1 for customers in both slow and fast rings. The latest release is a small build with no credible features, improvements, and changes. Microsoft hasn’t addressed any new issues with the latest Windows 10 2004 Preview build 19037.1 release. Microsoft has fixed issues related to BattlEye anti-cheat software, update process hanging including problems related to external USB 3.0 drives.

It is to be noted that both Microsoft and BattleEye have found compatibility issues due to the changes in the Windows operating system. Microsoft had adopted changes in the Insider Preview builds. Moreover, BattleEye has also made few changes in the BattlEye anti-cheat software. However, users have found problems between the two tools. Microsoft has fixed the issues in the Windows 10 2004 Preview build 19037.1 release by applying a compatibility hold on the devices.

According to reports, Windows Insiders have also reported that setup rolls back and throws error code 0xc1900101 when attempting to install recent builds. There are cases where the Windows Update completes successfully on another attempt after failing the first attempt. The Microsoft product team is looking into the update process that hands for an extended time when attempting to install a new build.

Microsoft also addresses issues pertaining to non-responding of external drives with support for USB 3.0 technology. The Optimize Drives app issue has also been addressed in the latest Windows 10 2004 Preview build 19037.1 release.

The Windows PowerShell ISE has been integrated into Windows 10 2004 Preview build 19037.1 as a feature on demand. You will be able to view the feature in the Optional Features Settings. Microsoft also removed the build watermark. The company will continue to add new features, functionalities and improvements in the upcoming preview build.

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