Cubbit Cell hits distributed cloud milestone with new benchmarks


Cubbit has announced that the flagship Cubbit Cell has got more than 1600 backers worldwide and has gathered EUR 410,000. In a statement released to the press, the company revealed that they have raised EUR 410,000 which is eight times more than the fixed goal of EUR 50000.

If you are unaware, Cubbit is an Italian startup involved in the building of the distributed, secure and eco-friendly cloud solutions. The company has concluded the crowdfunding campaign and has started to manufacture the product.

With the help of Cubbit, users will be able to take control of the free and distributed network of the data. The Cubbit Cell is the Cubbit’s distributed network, where the files are encrypted, copied and distributed across various nodes. Alternatively, you will be able to access via the web, mobile, and desktop.

Cubbit Cell

The company has revealed that there are no subscription that needs to be paid like Dropbox and there will be no privacy violation. Cubbit will not store data, username, and password of the user. The Cubbit Cell also provides an ability to plug the existing hard disks to the device free of charge.

Commenting on the development, Gianluca Dettore, President of Primomiglio SGR SpA disclosed that they have worked together with Cubbit and Dpixel during the Barcamper Garage acceleration experience in Bologna. They are impressed by the tenacity and vision of the young founders. Cubbit will set new benchmarks and will be a strong competitor to Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. The company has adopted a modern approach that is more secure with a significant scalability potential. The Cubbit cell becomes competitive in terms of costs, efficiency, and power.

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Cubbit Cell in Action

The interesting point to note is that the University of Bologna hs decided to assign to Cubbit the status of first startup officially accredited by the Alma Mater Studiorum. The founders Marco Moschettini, Stefano Onofri, Alessandro Cillario, and Lorenzo Posani are all part of the University of Bologna alumni. It is to be noted that Onofri and Cillario are also the creators of the Startup Day of the Alma Mater, the most important Italian event of today as regards young entrepreneurship.

The Cubbit Cell is a plug and cloud device. The basic variant will be available with 512GB of cloud space. Even if the Cubbit Cell gets damaged, you can still access the data via mobile and PC. You will be able to retrieve the data easily and are always safe and accessible anywhere.

The Company has already started to ship the Cubbit Cells to the first batch of backers. The production company is busy with testing and packaging of the product.

Cubbit Cell Packaging

The main advantage of the Cubbit Cell is that you can create up to four accounts per cell. The product can be expanded up to 4TB of cloud storage space just by plugging in an external USB drive. The data are securely stored on a single Cubbit Cell. Moreover, the content are encrypted and multiplied to ensure redundancy and spread over the network. You can only access the data, not even the company staff members.

The Italian startup has recently received a $150,000 investment by the business angels Nicolo Manaresi and Alessandro Fiorentino together with Barcamper Ventures, which is part of the VC fund of Primomiglio SGR SpA. This is in addition to the original $120,000 investment by Barclays and Techstars.

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Cubbit Cell team

While Barclays is the world-class UK bank, the Techstars is the third biggest startup accelerator in the world. We have information that investors like Legacoop Bologna are currently exploring new business avenues with Cubbit.

To recall, Cubbit has established a partnership with the CERN and other 11 industrial/academic partners for an EU-wide project aimed at renovating the cloud infrastructure for science.

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