Stellar Data Recovery Standard Review: Perfect way to recover lost files

Stellar Data Recovery

Data is precious and hence you should protect them at any cost. In this digital world, you should be aware of the various security-related consequences. This includes sudden corruption of the hard drive, malfunctioning of the laptop due to power surge and much more. What will happen if you had saved an important work inside your laptop and lost the file when the deadline is fast approaching? You can’t do anything unless you had captured a backup of the file system. However, you need not have to worry because of the availability of the Stellar Data Recovery Standard, which enables you to recover lost and corrupted data easily. We had worked with Stellar Data Recovery Standard for several days and tested all the modules? Does the software meet our desired expectations? Let’s find it out.


We downloaded and installed Stellar Data Recovery easily. The file can be easily downloaded with the help of Microsoft Edge browser. It will take some time to download the installer if you make use of Google Chrome browser. The whole installation process will take only less than five minutes. You will have to provide the License Key to activate the software program after the completion of the installation process. You can then use the software to the full potential.


With the help of Stellar Data Recovery Standard, you will be able to recover lost documents, emails, photos and videos easily. You can easily recover multiple file formats on a wide range of storage devices. It is also possible to instantly recover lost data from corrupted, formatted and even encrypted drives. The software enables you to recover lost or deleted files and folders from your Windows PC, laptop or external storage media. The Stellar Data Recovery provides integrated data recovery support on RAW drive volumes. You will be able to recover data from a wide range of hard drive and SSD storage including memory cards, USB drives, and any other compatible device.

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The Stellar Data Recovery Standard enables you to recover data from FAT, ex-FAT and NFTS formatted hard drives and partitions. With the help of the Stellar Data Recovery, you will be able to recover lost or deleted emails with Microsoft Outlook (PST), Outlook Express (DBX), Exchange Server (EDB), Lotus Notes (NSF) and much more.

It is also possible to easily create bootable media to enable quick recovery of data if your PC fails to boot properly. You can also use the media file when your PC crashes due to software and hardware errors, boot sector corruption, disk errors and Windows system file damage. The tool will also recover deleted data from BitLocker encrypted hard drive, SSD or any other external storage media. You can also recover data from hard drives with bad sectors.

The Stellar Data Recovery Standard Drive Monitor utility keeps track of parameters such as drive health, performance, temperature, and other activities. The main purpose is to avoid any sudden disk failure by locating bad sectors.


To work with Stellar Data Recovery Standard, you should double click on the desktop icon. You will have to provide the required permission if promoted. You will view a dashboard with the caption “Select What To Recover” as shown below.

Stellar Data Recovery

The Stellar Data Recovery Standard automatically selects All Data by default. You can modify by unchecking the options you need not require. For example, you can disable Photos, Audio, and Videos by selecting the checkbox adjacent to the relevant options under Multimedia Files section. The program will now recover Office Documents, Folders, and Emails.

Stellar Data Recovery

You should press Next button if you are satisfied with the selected options. The Stellar Data Recovery Standard will display a new dashboard with the caption “Recover from“, where you should select the source from where the files should be recovered. You can either select the connected hard drives or the external devices if you had connected.

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Stellar Data Recovery

You can even data from your portable hard drive, memory card or pen drive. You will view the relevant option if you have connected any external storage mediums.

If you select a hard drive partition, you will view another option captioned “Deep Scan“. The program will scan your system deeply if you enable the option. You will have to slide the radio button to enable the option. The Deep Scan will be visible only if you select the hard drive partitions and not the Desktop, Documents and Choose Location options.

Stellar Data Recovery

If you are satisfied with the selected options, you should press the Scan button. The program will now perform the required scanning process. You will view the total time elapsed and remaining. You will also view a small preview of the relevant content while the tool performs the scanning process.

Stellar Data Recovery

The Stellar Data Recovery will display “Scanning Completed Successfully” message upon competition of the scanning process.

Stellar Data Recovery

The program will display a preview of the file content by default. You can disable this behavior by disabling “Turn Off Preview” functionality located on the top of the results dashboard.

Stellar Data Recovery

The default mechanism is that you will be able to recover files completely. You can disable this behavior by unchecking the checkbox located adjacent to the File Name option. You should click the Recover button to save the recovered files. The Stellar Data Recovery Standard will display a dialog box.

Stellar Data Recovery

You have to select the destination folder by selecting Browse button. If the folder doesn’t exist, you can create the folder on your hard drive partition. The final step is to select “Start Saving” button. The relevant files will be recovered to the destination folder you specified. You should not make use of the same source and destination volume. For instance, if you recover data from C drive, you can either save to an external drive or another partition inside your computer. We would recommend the company to provide a facility to save the restored files on the same location because it’s convenient for users. You can also save the restored files to your pen drive for future usage purposes.

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Working with Advanced Settings

If you select Advanced Settings option, you will be able to change several options including the ability to deactivate preview and file list. You can also resume data recovery using the previous file and also check for new updates. It is also possible to upgrade the software by providing the relevant license key.


The Stellar Data Recovery Standard is used to recover lost and deleted files even if you had deleted from the Recycle Bin. The software works fast and the user interface is designed in such a way that even a beginner will be able to work with the tool easily. You need not have to go through the documentation to work with the tool. The user interface is designed without any complicated elements. The Stellar Data Recovery offers a wide range of features not found in competing data recovery programs. The ability to perform deep scan is an added bonus. Moreover, you can restore individual folders and files by selecting the required options. The Stellar Data Recovery Standard enables you to preview the contents of the file before restoration. This will help you to decide whether to restore the selected file or not. We highly recommend Stellar Data Recovery Standard if you would like to recover lost files from your computer and other external storage mediums.

Stellar Data Recovery Standard

Stellar Data Recovery Standard

Quick Installation


    Simple User Interface


      Fast data recovery engine


        Deep scan facility


          Preview capability


            Ability to scan external devices


              Comprehensive documentation


                Excellent Technical Support



                  • Simple Installation
                  • Smooth user interface
                  • Fast scanning
                  • Deep scan support
                  • Preview functionality
                  • Detailed Documentation
                  • Excellent Technical support


                  • Photos scan not integrated
                  • Inability to save restored files on the same partition

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