TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Review: Premium quality case with latest technology

Nowadays, people continuously work with smartphones manufactured using both Android and iOS operating platforms. If you work with a smartphone, you have to very careful. Moreover, you should be extra careful if you work with iPhone 11 Pro Max since the device is expensive. It is in this scenario, you should make effective use of premium smartphone accessories such as TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case. With the help of the TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, you will be able to protect your valuable iPhone to a large extent from damages. We recently had a chance to work with the case although we don’t have iPhone 11 Pro Max. In this review, we will examine the design and usability of the TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case.


The product package includes the case, thank you and warranty cards respectively. The company has carefully packed the case to avoid any damage during the shipment stage.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Unboxing

We very much liked the way the company had bundled the case inside the Orange box. We would appreciate if the company could provide a cleaning cloth along with the case.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Orange Box

The company has packaged the¬†TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case in such a way that the product doesn’t get damaged. The iPhone 11 Pro Max case ships with adequate foam padding to avoid damage during transit.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Packaging

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Features

The TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case is manufactured using durable and soft PU leather with slots for storing credit cards and cash. The case also provides support for auto wake and sleep including RFID blocking. The case offers magnetic closure with an adjustable hands-free kickstand.

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The case includes an accurate and precise cut out for all ports. The case is exclusively designed for iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5-inch model released in 2019 and not for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro smartphones. However, we attempted to insert our Realme 5 Pro and it got accommodated. However, the ports were inaccessible due to the design of the smartphone.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Side 1

The main attraction of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is that you just need to open the cover to wake the device. If you close the case, the handset will land in sleep mode. The TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case includes three card slots and one money pocket where you can store debit/credit cards including cash. You can also make use of the integrated kickstand to watch movies and TV shows. The inclusion of the secure magnetic flap closure protects the case to a large extent.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Internals

The RFID blocking functionality effectively shields the signals. Moreover, the new technology will keep your personal information safely. You need not have to worry about privacy. The TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case ships with the relevant precise cutouts for the rear camera including a dedicated kickstand mode. The camera sensors stick to the holes if you insert your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Kickstand

The TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case is designed with durable soft TPU material with a cushioned shockproof edge. Moreover, the design will help your expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max against drops and bumps. The company has designed the case with low thickness without compromising Phone security. The precise cutouts give complete access to the ports.

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The company offers lifetime warranty for the TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case. You will receive a new replacement unit free of cost or refund depending upon the intensity of the damage. The flip cover case looks like a book with 3 card holders coupled with a side pocket where you can place the cards and bills respectively. The kickstand can be used for reading including watching movies and TV shows.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Working

To work with TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, you just need to place the iPhone 11 Pro Max correctly inside the desired slot. You have to make sure that the buttons and camera sensors align with the cutouts. The case is designed in such a way that the phone aligns with the cutouts without any major problem.

The surface of the case looks smooth to the touch. The company has manufactured the case using quality materials. The case also includes slots for placing the bank cards. However, we noticed that the slots are tight but will adapt automatically upon continuous usage.

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Side 2

The addition of the RFID technology is a huge bonus since your device will go the sleep mode if you close the flip cover. This will save a considerable amount of battery power. The iPhone 11 Pro Max goes deep into the case and won’t fall. We used Realme 5 Pro with the case and it fits well. However, the ports were inaccessible due to the design structure. We also faced difficulty to remove the device from the case. You should note that the case is designed only for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and you should try to use the case only for this device. We would appreciate if Apple establishes a partnership with TUCCH for bundling the case with the iPhone product package.

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The TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case is manufactured using premium quality materials and is soft to touch. The accurate cut out for the camera sensor helps you to capture stunning visuals without interruption. The inclusion of additional pockets for storing cards and RFID functionality is a big advantage. The TUCCH iPhone stands out of the crowd because of these features. We highly recommend TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max Case if you would like to protect your expensive device from damages. It’s better to use the case immediately after the purchase so that you can avoid damages to a large extent.


TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max

TUCCH iPhone 11 Pro Max

Easy to use


    Excellent comfort


      Premium design


        Precise cutous for camera


          Integration of RFID


            Slots for placing cards



              • Excellent packaging
              • Stylish design
              • Soft material
              • RFID technology
              • Slots for cards
              • Accurate slots on both sides
              • Kickstand support
              • Comprehensive Warranty


              • Absence of cleaning cloth
              • Absence of transparent front display

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