Samsung Galaxy S20 sales dipped due to Coronavirus outbreak


With the deadly Coronavirus spreading like the speed of the light, Samsung is under troubled waters because of the slump in the sale of the Galaxy S20. According to Samsung, the slow down is due to the Coronavirus. Interestingly, International conferences such as Facebook’s F8 has been postponed. Moreover, there are reports that Apple could postpone WWDC scheduled to be held in May 2020. Samsung has blamed Coronavirus also called COVID-19 for the horrible sale in South Korea.

As per a news report by 9to5Google, Samsung has reportedly sold 70800 units of the Galaxy S20 on the first flash sale. In 2019, the company sold 140000 units of the Galaxy S10 when the sales were at the peak stage. We expect that sales from China could have dipped substantially because of the closure of the shops. The overall sales were largely affected by sharp declines in discounts. Moreover, people are not coming out of their house to purchase electronics because of the fear of the spread of Coronavirus.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is available in three variants such as S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. While the Galaxy S20 is available for $999.99, the Galaxy S20 Plus is up for grabs at $1199. The premium Galaxy S20 Ultra is available for $1399.99. The main problem with Samsung Galaxy 20 is the high cost. With the evolution of new technologies, tech-savvy consumers are not in a position to invest money to buy a smartphone that gets updated after several days.

In addition to Samsung, Apple also recently announced the dip in the revenue forecast for March. The company is not expecting huge revenues for Q1 2020 with a rapid increase in the Coronavirus outbreak. The iPhone supply chain has been disrupted because of the closure of the manufacturing units in China.

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The workers were unable to return to the work because of the fear of the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. The Tim Cook-owned company disclosed that demand for iPhones has decreased considerably. The company also closed all the official stores in China including partner stores after the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Microsoft also expressed the same feeling as Apple with the software giant revealing that the sales were lower than expected. The main reason is because of the disruption of the supply chain. The PC segment will also be affected if the Coronavirus continues to haunt this way. While Emirates is cutting down the flights, networking major Cisco announced another round of mass layoffs amidst the gradual decline of the sales globally.

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