Coronavirus Survey: Know the voices of Amazon and Google professionals regarding the working style


Team Blind, a PR company focussing on the technology job segment has released an exclusive survey report regarding the impact of the Coronavirus. According to the report, nearly 76.1 percent of Amazon professionals are now working from home and Google employees are dissatisfied with the management. Team Blind claims that they have access to an anonymous professional network with over 3.2M work-email verified professionals. However, only 6942 professionals participated in the survey, which ran from March 1 to 4, 2020.

The TeamBlind survey report states that only 30 percent of Google professional work from home. Moreover, Google employees are largely dissatisfied with the response of the company to the Coronavirus. The fear of going to work is escalating over the past one week.

Nearly 67.8 percent of professionals responded that they are hesitant to go to work on March 1. The number has increased to 76.1 percent in just three days. The survey reveals that the overall productivity of the professionals has affected to a large extent. While 36 percent of professionals responded that their productivity is negatively affected by the Coronavirus outbreak on March 1, the number has increased to 47.3 percent in three days.

According to the report, 20 percent of Chinese citizens have witnessed backlash towards employees of Chinese descent at their company after the Coronavirus outbreak. During the survey, professionals from Amazon, Microsoft and Google are having open dialogue over how their employers are responding to the deadly outbreak.

The survey is mainly conducted to gauge the work from home policies of the companies including the impact of the Coronavirus in the workplace. The survey also measured the hesitance and productivity of professionals due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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