How to recover deleted photos from SD card?

SD card

Technology has rapidly changed the world. You can now securely store data in a wide range of formats ranging from smartphones, tablets, PCs, pen drives and even tiny SD cards. However, the data that you have stored are prone to corruption. You will lose data if the storage medium doesn’t function as expected. SD cards are one of the most portable flash memory devices with small size coupled with fast data transmission speeds.

The SD cards can be used with smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, MPS players, Bluetooth speakers, and even FM players. While the standard SD cards can be used with cameras, the micro SD cards are mainly used with smartphones, tablets, speakers and FM radio players and much more. The micro SD cards are small tiny devices. You will not be able to repair the card if it gets damaged.

What will happen if you accidentally deleted the photos from the microSD card? Will you be able to recover them? Yes. Why not? You can recover deleted photos from SD card with the help of third-party software such as iBoysoft Data Recovery. These tools are developed in such a way that you can recover data even from corrupted micro SD cards. In this article, we will examine the steps required to recover deleted photos from the SD card.


The installation of iBoysoft Data Recovery is very easy. You just need to download the relevant installer, which measures only 14MB capacity. The installation process takes only few minutes to complete. We managed to work with the tool immediately after completing the installation process.

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The iBoysoft Data Recovery enables you to recover lost documents, photos, videos, audios including lost data from NTFS, exFAT and FAT32 drives. You can also recover data from hard drive, external drive, SD card, and USB drive. In case if you had accidentally deleted data from formatted partition, you can easily recover them. You can recover deleted photos from a wide range of SD cards.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Steps to recover deleted data from SD card

Gone are days, where we used to play with big SD cards. However, with the evolution of new technologies, we now have access to micro SD cards using which you can store plenty of photos and videos. We tested iBoysoft Data Recovery on a laptop and hence we used an SD card adapter to convert our micro SD card to SD card. We then used the SD card on our laptop for testing purposes. We expect the upcoming laptops to ship with microSD card slots. Let’s discuss the steps involved with the recovery of deleted data from the SD card using iBoysoft Data Recovery

Step 1

Insert the SD card, which contains the deleted data onto your laptop. For the purpose of our testing, we inserted the SD card, copied few images from the laptop and then deleted the images from the SD card. You should double click the SD card name from the “This PC” page and to perform these steps. It is absolutely essential to delete the images from the SD card so that you can test the functionality of the tool.

Step 2

Double click iBoysoft Data icon from the Windows desktop. You will view a dashboard as shown below. As you can see, the iBoysoft Data Recovery automatically detects the SD card placed on the laptop. The remaining items will change depending upon your system configuration.

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iBoysoft Data Recovery

Step 3

The next step is to select the row below the entry “SCSI Disk Device“. You will view a Grey colored background. This means you have selected the row successfully.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Step 4

After selecting the row, press the “Next” button to continue. The iBoysoft Data Recovery collects volume information from the SD card and you will view the progress bar. The total time required to complete the process and the elapsed time will display on the top of the dialog box. We enabled “Deep Scan” of the SD card. If you disable the scan, then the total time required for scanning will decrease.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Step 5

You will view a dashboard after the successful completion of the volume collection process. The left side displays the SD card drive partition name. The right-hand side displays the relevant file names, which you have deleted from the SD card.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Step 6

To recover the files from the SD card, you should select the checkbox located adjacent to the “G” partition. By default, the tool is designed to display all files. You can modify this in such a way that it displays only the deleted files. You can view the list of files that are available for recovery from the SD card.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Step 7

Select the Recover button to recover the deleted files from the SD card. You will have to select the location where the recovered files should be stored on your computer. You can either select a folder that already exists or create a new folder from within the “Save files” dialog. The files will be recovered to the specified folder and you will view a speedy progress bar. You will view a message box as displayed below, which confirms that you have successfully recovered the files. You can also share the happiness information with pre-defined messages on Facebook and Twitter.

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iBoysoft Data Recovery

The deleted files automatically open on the specified folder. If you double click on the folder, you will be able to view the files. The iBoysoft Data Recovery enables you to quickly recover deleted files from the SD card without any complicated user interfaces. Even if you completely deleted the files from the SD card, the tool scans deeply and displays the list of files available for recovery.


With the help of the iBoysoft Data Recovery, you will be able to quickly recover deleted files from the SD card. The tool will be very useful if you accidentally deleted the files. You can also try the tool if your SD card is corrupt. Moreover, the iBoysoft Data Recovery will be a handy tool for law enforcement officials since they can recover crucial files that could help in cracking the cases. The user interface is designed in such a way that you can easily work with the tool. The entire recovery process can be completed within few clicks. Moreover, the iBoysoft Data Recovery will not lag during the recovery process. You can complete your normal work routine while the recovery tool completes the task. We highly recommend iBoysoft Data Recovery for all your data management activities. The tool will be useful if you would like to recover lost data from your computer or any other storage mediums.

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