Microsoft Inks Partnership With OpenAI For The World’s Fifth Most Powerful Supercomputer

Microsoft Supercomputer

Microsoft has announced World’s fifth most powerful supercomputer in partnership with OpenAI at the Build conference. According to reports, the new Microsoft supercomputer is regarded as the first step towards the development of AI models. The Fifth Most Powerful Supercomputer is the first to get hosted under the Azure cloud platform. The Microsoft supercomputer is designed to train several AI models.

The Redmond-based technology giant has established a strategic partnership with Elon Musk-owned OpenAI to integrate Azure to the Fifth Most Powerful Supercomputer segment. The purpose is to enable its cloud offerings for large-scale AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) models.

With the launch of Azure-based supercomputer, Microsoft is gearing up to compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. The companies are trying to establish their presence and also to bring newer cloud experiences that require access to a high-power computing environment.

In a blog post, Microsoft disclosed that the new supercomputer is the first step towards the development of the next-generation AI models. The reason for hosting the supercomputer on the cloud is to provide a solution for developers and organizations, which requires a platform to train extremely large AI models.

Commenting on the development, Kevin Scott, Microsoft Chief Technical Officer added that the new supercomputer will be able to perform several things in natural language processing at once. The company also intends to do exciting things in computer vision. Scott disclosed that the supercomputer comes with a single system with more than 285,000 CPU cores onboard and 10000 GPUs. It also includes 400Gbpz of network connectivity for each GPU server.

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The large-scale systems are n important component in training powerful models, reveals OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman. The company intends to make use of this supercomputer as a model to build new AI solutions and technologies. Moreover, Microsoft is planning to showcase Azure as a superior cloud platform to the enterprise world.

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