Google Kills Remove China Apps app from Google Play Store

Remove China apps

Google has removed Remove China Apps app from Google Play Store despite huge popularity and ratings. The Remove China Apps has gained massive popularity in India with over 5 million downloads since its official launch in May.

The app has been removed from the Play Store citing that the developer has violated the Google Play Store’s policies. The reports suggest that the app has violated the “Deceptive Behaviour Policy”. The app was registered under Educational Purposes. The app detected third-party apps on the user’s smartphone and provided a list of all the apps with Chinese origin.

According to sources, Google is not pleased to host the app that creates a negative trend against China. This is because Google is depending upon China for the manufacture of hardware products. Developed by OneTouchAppLabs, the Remove China Apps automatically detects apps made in China on the smartphone coupled with a simple UI. The app has crossed one million downloads within two weeks. Moreover, the app was listed as top free on the Google Play Store recently.

The OneTouchAppLabs took to Twitter and revealed that Google has suspended the app from Google Play Store. The company thanked all the people for their support in the past two weeks. They also posted “You Are Awesome”. Moreover, the company also posted a tip using which you can remove Chinese apps.

You just need to type the App Name followed by the origin country. Google will provide a brief explanation of the app and it will include the origin country. If the country is China, then you can manually delete the app by navigating to Settings menu. We hope Google will not remove this functionality in the upcoming Android 11 version.

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The “Remove China Apps” developers are posted a short message – Stay Tuned, Stay Safe. Even though Google has deleted their app, the company is not willing to step back. They continue to voice their opinion against the usage of Chinese products and software.

Google had removed TikTok rival “Mitron” from the Google Play Store. The Mitron app has been downloaded by more than 5 million users within one month of its launch of Google Play Store. The Mitron app was reportedly a copycat of another app. Google policy clearly states that copying content from other applications without any modifications to the original source code is a violation of the rules. Google also states that the creation of multiple apps with identical functionality, content, and user experience violated spam and minimum functionality policies drafted by Google Play Store.

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