GroupMe app on Windows 10 Gets Better with Dark Mode


Microsoft has rolled out an update for the GroupMe app with support for Dark Mode. According to reports, the GroupMe app updates are now available on Windows 10 devices. The update bumps up GroupMe to version The Dark Mode was one of the most requested features by users and it works identical to that of your Android smartphone’s Dark Mode.

GroupMe is a free communication tool, which is used to streamline the process of group creation. You can create groups of contacts and communicate with them in an organized manner. The GroupMe was launched in May 2010 and delivered over 100 million messages each month by August 2011.

The figures climbed steeply to 550 million by the end of June 2012. As of 2013, GroupMe had more than 12 million registered users. GroupMe was acquired by Microsoft-owned Skype in August 2011 for $80 million. The app underwent a major redesign by the end of 2012.

GroupMe service automatically syncs with your contacts and you can create Groups with up to 500 members. You will be able to deactivate notifications of an active group with the ability to provide a label and a unique number. You can share photos, videos, locations including the creation of events. It is also possible to send private messages who are active on GroupMe’s app.

It is also possible to create personalized emojis. If you compare WhatsApp, GroupMe offers an enhanced group member limit. You can access GroupMe over Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Microsoft also released a dedicated app for Windows Phone but it’s obsolete now with the suspension of Windows Mobile.

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