Reliance Jio launches JioMeet video conferencing app with 100 users, screen sharing capabilities

Reliance Jio has entered the video conferencing segment with the launch of JioMeet. The company claims that JioMeet can provide support for 100 users. JioMeet is available for Windows PCs, Android, and iOS mobile platforms. We haven’t tested JioMeet with 100 users but if the product supports without any lags and crashes, then Zoom will have a tough time.

With people across India have been crying “Boycott China Products” loudly, the launch of JioMeet will set new benchmarks in the video conferencing industry. Even though Zoom is a US-based company, people think that the product is of Chinese origin. The demand for JioMeet will surge ahead in the upcoming days if the products meet the expectations.

Schedule meetings

According to company sources, JioMeet provides support for up to 100 participants. You need not have to provide any invite codes to start the video call. You can also schedule meetings and share screen with each other. The company had tested JioMeet aggressively among smartphone users in a closed beta mode. The stable release is currently now available on Android and iPhones.


You can also join video conferencing session from your browser without downloading JioMeet Windows 10 app. The JioMeet app is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones. Even if you work with an old smartphone such as Xolo A500 IPS, you can easily work with the app but the quality of the video will be poor. The Windows 10 desktop app requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and above with minimum 4GB RAM.

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Huge spike in video conferencing apps usage

No doubt, students are making effective use of video conferencing apps like Zoom, WebEx due to the lockdown. Even private tuitions are currently being held via online mode because of the ban on the physical tuition centers. Moreover, music teachers are widely imparting courses among their learners via video conferencing apps. The demand for premium video conferencing apps is on a rise and it will continue to grow because of the decline in the physical tuition centers due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The arrival of JioMeet will create ripples among the tech-savvy Indian consumers since they are trying to avoid Chinese apps amidst Border tensions. We installed JioMeet and the usage of the app is very easy. The Windows 10 desktop application is bit slow even in 8GB RAM machines but the company will refine the software in such a way that the overall resource consumption is less.

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