IT Professionals misses the physical office during COVID-19, reveals survey

Physical Office

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT professionals have been working from home. However, many professionals have expressed reservations regarding the absence of the physical office. Blind, the anonymous professional network with over 3.6 million verified users conduced a survey and arrived at the conclusion that 55 percent of professionals are currently missing physical office. Nearly 42 percent have reported that they feel more stressed in the WFH environment, while 29 percent reported feeling overall less productive working from home. The survey was conducted between August 20 to 21.

According to Blind survey, nearly 55 percent of surveyed professionals miss going into a physical office. As many as 70 percent of Google Professionals miss going into a physical office when compared with 31 percent Salesforce professionals.

The stress levels of over 42 percent surveyed professionals are of the opinion that their stress levels were higher during WTH, when compared with an office environment. Nearly 59 percent Google and 40 percent Facebook professionals say that their stress levels during WTH were higher.

The Blind survey reveals that 29 percent of professionals state that their productivity levels during WHF were lower when compared with an office mechanism. Nearly 52 percent of Apple and 46 percent of Facebook professionals feel that their productivity levels during WFH are lower than in the office environment.

According to an Amazon employee, Folks working with companies will be eligible to receive office benefits like free food, which is missing with WFH. Moreover, professionals who are single are finding it difficult to manage both household chores and office work. It remains to be seen as to how long IT professionals will have to work at home. We don’t have any choice other than to wait till the end of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

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