Amazon Alexa Gets Better With Hindi Support on Android and iOS

Amazon Alexa

Amazon has added Hindi support for Android and iOS smartphone users in India. If you are working with Amazon Alexa app on Android and iOS, you will be able to work with Hindi language. The new development comes nearly one year after the availability of Hindi support on Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon has added more than 60 new features and improvements in speech recognition and language grasping and understanding. To work with Amazon Alexa Hindi support, you just need to navigate to Settings | Alexa on this phone | Language and select Hindi from the list of available languages.

Commenting on the development, Puneesh Kumar, Alexa Country Lead, Amazon India disclosed that India’s unique cultural and linguistic diversity has always inspired us to make Alexa more local and relevant for users. The introduction of Hindi on Amazon Alexa has made it accessible to hundreds of millions of native Hindi speakers. He also added that they have made several improvements in Natural Language Understanding.

According to Puneesh, Amazon Alexa was unable to understand words like dhai and jaa but now the backend has been refined in such a way that it can understand these words as well. The team will work to make Alexa to interact in a natural and seamless way.

Amazon revealed to the press that 6 new Alexa original songs and poems including 20 new stories have been added to the Hindi language support. You can make use of the following commands

Alexa, kuch gungunao (Alexa, hum something)
Alexa, cloud rap sunao (Alexa, play cloud rap)
Alexa, cricket story sunao (Alexa, tell me a story on cricket)
Alexa, dosti ki kahani sunao (Alexa, tell me a story on friendship)

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The analysis by Amazon infers that Alexa has shown 40 percent improvement in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and 30 percent improvement in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) over the last 12 months. Moreover, the e-commerce company has added more than 1000 Hindi skills in India.

Amazon has added Hindi language support to Echo devices in September 2019. The company also invited Alexa Skill developers to create skills in Hindi language to earn perks.

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